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About The Author Odds Coach The Odds Coach has managed the two largest sports betting sites in the world and worked for one of North America's largest online sportsbooks. It gets even harder when you get to the bigger favorites. It is important to notice that multiplying by -1 is required to give us the positive payout:. What is FanDuel?

Decimal Odds

Understanding How Money Line Odds Work

That is just a simple Money Line conversion into different odds formats. Talking about deriving a money line or odds directly from the spread. It is hard to know how they implement those without seeing what's going on under the hood. They have some model that links the spread to the ML, which like you said is sport specific.

Moreover it is model specific, so this linking is only as good as the model it assumes. It could also be as simple as evaluating the historical odds, which is a possible solution to your question I'll detail below.

How I understand your question, you have predicted point spreads, and you'd like to transform that into implied ML odds. If I understood that right, here's what I would do:. Let's say your model's outcome is a game's point spread. For most statistical models, the predicted point spread is just a point estimate the mean or mode of the predicted outcome's distribution. In the same way, the model can provide the probability of a spread that is above or below 0, and that would give you your model predicted ML.

If you trust your model, the probability of a positive or negative spread gets you close to what you want. I can explain this further if this is what you are looking for. If your model doesn't produce the distribution of the outcome although it probably does or could , then I would leverage historical data.

That way, you aren't relying on anyone's model and this technique generalizes across sports. This could obviously get as complex as you want, but the above very quickly gets you a similar conversion table as you linked. That seems to me to be a reasonable starting point. Now I just need to decide how much time I'm willing to dedicate to it. This would be a very interesting exercise though. In analyzing KenPom's methodology, he calculates the spread for each game depending upon the expected tempo between the two teams.

The moneyline bet is the most common wager in baseball betting. That means that baseball bettors are generally just betting on the team that they think is going to win rather than betting on a team to cover a particular point spread. The favorite in a game has a negative moneyline example: The underdog has a positive moneyline example: Again, baseball bettors are simply trying to pick which team will win the game. The moneyline is simply the agreed upon payout of the wager. The run line functions like the point spread in sports like football or basketball.

The run line in baseball is 1. That means that if you bet on the favorite There are two parts to a run line wager. For example, odds 1. When dealing with European decimal odds, calculating how often a bets must win to break even is simple division. To use decimals odds 2. First change your percentage to a decimal example In the case of As a reminder, in cases where the decimal odds are 2.

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We hope you enjoyed this article on converting odds, and wish you the best of luck this sports betting season. American Odds Also known as moneylines, are offered as either a positive or negative number. European Odds Also known as decimal odds, represent how much a winning ticket is worth for each dollar staked. Implied Probability Is how often a bet must win for it to have neutral value. After plugging the odds into our odds converted I find: