Legal US Online Sports Betting Sites for 2018

Featured Betting Sites For September 1. Malta is a Mediterranean island nation and an iGaming mecca. Any good relationship requires proper research. But what are you looking for, you might ask? You do not have to worry about these online sportsbooks not meeting your requirements or living up to par. How We Decide if a Betting Site is Safe

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Along with our safe site criteria, there are also a couple big, bright, scary red flags that we keep an eye out for. Even if a site has some of the safe site criteria listed above, if they have any of these red flags, we definitely recommend staying far, far away from them.

Online betting sites should be crystal clear about their business practices. They should be spelled out in black and white on their site for everyone to read. There should never and we mean never ever be any question about how they conduct their business and how they keep you, your money, and your personal information safe. If there is any grey area when it comes to their standards and guidelines, look elsewhere. When it comes to this one, Google is your best friend. Before committing to a site and providing them with your personal and banking information, Google them.

Check out what people are saying online about the site. Look them up on reputable sites such as Ask Gamblers and read their reviews. Check for particularly troublesome red flags such as complaints about delays with withdrawals or a track record of providing misinformation to their customers. These are the kinds of red flags that should never be ignored. Check into how they deal with disputes and what their reputation is online.

We know that we have thrown a lot of detailed information at you all at once. And we know that it can seem overwhelming. Now that you know that there are so many factors to consider when choosing an online betting site, you might even be more confused than ever, especially with all the choices out there. And we understand that it really is a very confusing and overwhelming process. You can rest assured that we have done our due diligence in putting together this list of the safest online gaming sites.

So, without tooting our own horn too much toot toot , we really think that the best course of action in selecting a safe gaming site is to use our recommendations because of the extensive research resources we have. By all means, we encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. But please, if you do decide to go rogue and go at it alone, make sure to consider all the criteria we have listed above and do as much homework as possible.

It really does come down to research, research, research. When it comes to choosing a safe online betting site, there are a number of important factors to consider.

Not only should an online site be properly licensed and regulated by an authorized gaming authority, but it should also utilize safe web security and encryption practices. And any sites with a shady past or a bad reputation for withdrawal delays need to be avoided at all costs. Many options are no longer available. New forms of payment processing, such as crypto-currencies, are taking over the world of offshore sports betting. Knowing how to deposit and withdraw from online betting sites, along with the best methods to do so, will save sports bettors a lot of time and money.

Checking the cashier options before signing up with US betting sites is important. As much so as looking at the bonuses or odds available.

Safest Betting Sites is a project that is long overdue for United States sports bettors. We are a sports betting site created by sports bettors. We lay out the facts when it comes to the offshore betting industry. Even well-respected sites promote poorly rated sports gambling sites. This makes it difficult to trust their advice. We aim to be an authority in online betting markets and will be giving the unfiltered truth to bettors when it comes to the industry.

That includes no-nonsense sportsbook reviews, industry news, and our unique insight into the offshore gambling sites world. Our goal is to be an authority on all things sports betting as well. We take a look all forms of betting strategies and an in-depth look at betting markets of all types.

There are a ton of safe betting websites. The odds and markets available in Nevada or with your neighborhood bookie pale in comparison to the vast marketplace that online sports betting world offers. In our US online sportsbooks reviews , we examine the financial viability of a sportsbook, evaluate markets and odds, and most importantly, we offer up to date withdrawal speeds, through our monthly US Betting Sites Payout Report.

Industry News We cover all the offshore betting news that is fit to print. This includes sportsbook scams or warnings to look out for, along with legal news surrounding online sports betting. We recommend new bettors check it out for their basic questions, but it can be of use to advanced bettors as well.

Full Online Betting Guide This includes the ins and outs of depositing at sports betting sites, the cashout process at sportsbooks and other pertinent information. We will also spotlight emerging industry trends and betting markets. Free Betting Picks Our team of writers and handicappers will provide betting picks for a variety of different sports, all free of charge. Many have over a decade of experience betting on sports and will offer up their picks and unique insight.

About Online Sports Betting. Sports betting has been around forever. The advent of the internet has taken sports gambling to new heights. You can track the odds across the entire web, as the Las Vegas betting boards no longer have the monopoly on these. Sports betting has different levels of legality throughout the world. Yet, sports betting is widespread across the country at online sportsbooks and unregulated corner bookies. Limited to the intrastate level, only Nevada has legalized and regulated online sports betting.

The rest of the betting websites operate within their own jurisdictions, which is mostly offshore. While some are respected and regulated worldwide, many still follow their own rules, with little oversight. This can give bettors little or no recourse when it comes to settling disputes. Local gaming commissions and other regulatory bodies can be helpful, but the final decision on disputes is predominantly at the discretion of sportsbook management. That is why sports betting authority sites and their affiliates are so critical.

Ideally, they act as the eyes and ears of the players, steering them toward top betting sites — and away from suspect ones. Unfortunately, the industry comes short of this ideal. Instead, sites manipulate players, telling them what they want to hear and even giving misguided, dangerous advice.

The reason for this is plain and simple: That is because the real issue is enforcement. While the act of operating an online sportsbook inside the US across state borders is a federal offense, betting sports online falls into a gray area. Several states have laws criminalizing online gambling. Enforcement of these laws is at an almost non-existent rate. In fact, no American resident has ever spent a day in jail for placing online sports bets.