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With the polls not trending well for Clinton, the odds getting tighter and more damaging e-mails likely to come to light any day now, I think now would be a good time to back the underdog. In other news, two separate news articles paint totally different pictures of the possible outcome of this election. Press takes fight to President Trump A number of leading US publications have published articles about the importance of a free press, as President Trump calls them enemies. SPORTS BETTING AT BETONLINE.AG SPORTSBOOK

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2016 Election Betting Preview

Things on the democratic side have likewise tightened up. Hillary Clinton now calls herself the presumed nominee even though Bernie Standers is still in the race.

Clinton is fast approaching the 2, delegates needed for the nomination and she leads Sanders in the all-important super-delegate count. It should be no surprise, then, that the betting sites are pricing Clinton as a massive favourite over Sanders.

New York represented an important stepping stone for both front runners and their hopes to secure the Presidential nomination for each party. Trump badly needed this run after losing in Wisconsin and failing to earn a single delegate in Colorado. Although the results have yet to be officially tallied, Trump has probably earned 89 or 90 of the delegates up for grabs. John Kasich may have earned 3 delegates while Ted Cruz will leave with none.

The most important result of the Trump victory in New York is that it puts him back on the mathematically-feasible path to achieve the 1, delegates necessary to earn the nomination and avoid a contested convention.

Hillary Clinton won big in New York as well. Early totals put her at winning This will result in Clinton taking home delegates and Sanders leaving with Perhaps even more importantly, New York provided Hillary with a moral victory.

Prior to New York, Sanders had won seven straight primaries and put Clinton at risk of losing the nomination in a way reminiscent of what happened to her in when Barack Obama came out of nowhere to take the nomination out from under her feet.

The biggest news in our last update was the outcome of the Super Tuesday primaries earlier this month. Clinton and Trump gained the most delegates and began to solidify their statuses as front runners. Cruz, Kasich and Sanders also made some noise, but Super Tuesday was mostly good for the afore-mentioned front runners. Clinton and Trump have each lengthened their lead in delegate counts, but the odds have changed a bit to show increasing resistance from Cruz and Kasich on the republican side and Sanders on the democrat side.

Donald Trump continues to win states in what has now become a 3-way republican race. He has expanded his lead over his rivals and is looking increasingly likely to end up with the most delegates.

Despite his dominance, Trump is not a foregone conclusion. John Kasich is still in the race and acting as a spoiler. Kasich is winning just enough delegates that he may very well prevent anyone else from reaching the magic number of delegates necessary to earn the nomination.

If no candidate manages to reach delegates after all states have held their primaries, the GOP will head to a brokered convention where almost anything can happen. The GOP leaderships seems intent on pushing through an establishment republican and it would surprise no one if they try some last-minute shenanigans to deny Trump or Cruz the nomination so they can install someone they feel they can control.

The GOP establishment types are playing a dangerous game because they risk alienating a large chunk of the base if they try to push someone through that is clearly unwanted. If the GOP does indeed try to force things its own way, I can see a lot of republicans sitting out the race in disgust rather than vote for someone they never even saw on a primary ballot — thus leading to a Democrat victory in the general election.

Since the last update, the odds on Trump winning the Republican nomination have lengthened — which indicates the bookmakers see him as less of a lock than previously. Ted Cruz is still short on the delegate count, but the odds on him have shortened in a way that indicates the oddsmakers see him as more likely to win than the last time around although Cruz does remain a long shot. Hillary Clinton remains the front runner and has extended her lead just a bit since the last update, but Bernie Sanders has momentum on his side.

While Clinton did well through the southern states, Sanders is on a roll as the primary process moves out west. Sanders did especially well in the Pacific Northwest where he won landslide contests over Clinton. He does especially well in caucus states while Hillary seems to do better in straight-up primaries. However, Clinton has the backing of the establishment, still leads in the delegate count and remains the favourite to cinch the Democrat nomination.

The betting odds of Clinton winning have lengthened a bit since the last update, which indicates the oddsmakers see her as a little more likely to win the nomination now. The big questions facing Clinton are what happens if:.

Full primary schedule and results here. A dozen states plus one territory held their primaries for both the Democratic and Republican election of a nominee. Super Tuesday is an important event for candidates of both parties due to the number of delegates up for grabs. On the republican side, a candidate needs 1, delegates to secure the nomination. On the democratic side, 2, delegates are needed for the nomination. In the republican states last night, Donald Trump dominated by winning 7 states: Ted Cruz came second by winning Alaska, Oklahoma and Texas.

Marco Rubio finished the night with a victory in Minnesota. Hillary Clinton ran away with the democratic primaries. Of the eleven states that held Democratic primaries, Clinton won 7 and Bernie took 4.

Sanders won in Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Vermont. There is still a long time to go, but this first major milestone has helped paint a clearer picture of how things will look moving forward. The odds have changed significantly since we first published this post with several hundred delegates now assigned to the leading candidates and others dropping out.

Trump has caught up with Rubio and now leads as the second-contender. Bernie Sanders is now paying out more than before after his underwhelming performance on Super Tuesday. Hillary still leads in the democratic nomination side, but Marco Rubio has fallen two spots as Trump has risen. Ted Cruz is now the second-favoured candidate on the republican side thanks to a relatively strong showing on Super Tuesday.

The democratic and republican candidates announced their bids last year and are now embarked on the long, hard slog that entails campaigning for the presidency. As the process winds it way through the various primaries, the picture will become clearer and the odds will start looking less attractive.

You will be most likely to get the best odds on the Presidential Election by placing your bets sooner rather than later. Knowing who each party is likely to nominate makes it much easier to accurately predict the eventually winner. If you seriously plan on betting on the election, I also recommend a stop by the PredictWise.

That website aggregates data from online bookmakers, betting exchange and prediction markets to show how the money thinks this election will go. Crowd-sourced prediction services such as this one have historically been highly accurate. The republican field is larger and more diverse than perhaps ever before. No fewer than 17 republicans announced their candidacies last year.

The set includes a mix of establishment republicans, Constitutional conservatives, social conservatives and independent types. There are former governors, current senators, retired neurosurgeons, business leaders and more to choose from.

A billionaire businessman and reality TV star, Donald Trump is no stranger to the spotlight. He announced his candidacy in to the disdain and mockery of establishment types, but has surprised everyone by the strength of his campaign.

He needed almost no advertising money to sprint to the forefront thanks to his willingness to say anything at any given moment. Not only has his unpredictability not hurt him, it has actually helped him with a base that is fed up with mealy-mouthed candidates. A good chunk of the republican base sees Trump as an agent of change. He has been dominating the polls for about a year now and continues to defy expectations.

Ted Cruz is a senator from Texas who serves as the Constitutional conservative of the bunch. In other words, he argues for limiting the role of government and maintaining a strict adherence to the Constitution as written. He is strongest among small government conservatives and Evangelicals. Previously in his career, Ted Cruz has worked at the Federal Trade Commission, as an associate deputy general for the US Department of Justice and in private practice as a lawyer. He has argued in front of the US Supreme Court and won major cases that affected the entire nation.

Like Trump, Cruz polls well with those who are sick of the establishment. You could call Ted the more reserved, polished version of Trump. Marco Rubio is the most establishment of the three front runners. Rubio is well funded, speaks very well and rarely shies away from difficult questions. Even though he sits in the 3 spot for now, a handful of polls have indicated that Rubio would actually fare better than either of the other candidates in a head-to-head race against Hillary Clinton the likely democrat nominee.

Rubio supporters will tell you that Marco Rubio is the most polished of the bunch, most effective at messaging and has the best likelihood of winning the presidency if nominated. The democratic field is considerably less dynamic with just two major candidates having any real support. This race has mostly come down to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Neither of these two seem all that interested in going to war for the nomination. So far, the democratic nomination process has been relatively tame.

Between her ongoing e-mail scandal and the looming possibility of an indictment for mishandling classified information, she is spending just as much time defending her record as she is campaigning for the biggest job promotion in US politics.

They are also now pretty much neck-to-neck in Iowa primary polls. Clinton still leads nationwide and has the advantage among online bookmakers, but Sanders has a significant advantage in momentum. Her strength comes from the fact that she resonates with democratic women, has the support of former President Bill Clinton whom the party views favourably and a simple lack of other options.

Clinton has a long history in high level politics and that gives her a serious leg up over the competition. Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has run a surprisingly strong insurgency campaign when you consider that Hillary was considered by many prominent pundits a foregone conclusion last year.

In a way, Sanders represents the portion of the Democratic party that rejects the establishment and distrusts Clinton. Even ordinary folks can get in on the action. Clinton not only leads in public opinion polls, but she also leads in all on-line gambling sites that we reviewed. Lindsey Graham seems to be your best bet online, paying out to-1 on the Brovada website.

Graham is only paying out to-1 on the Ladbrokes website. But if you take the bet, you could be all the happier. Looking at the odds quoted by online bookies gives a glimmer of where people have been willing to wager their own cash so far.

Below are the odds presently quoted by Ladbrokes , the largest legal online gambling house in the United Kingdom:. Ladbrokes is a huge European betting institution. Most of the online websites I examined also let punters place bets on the winner of the Democratic and Republican primaries.

At this writing, anyway. President Trump says Google has chosen to ignore his two State of the Union addresses. The Tradefair team brings you the latest from US politics Donald Trump's victory proved non-politicians can win the presidency and Paul Krishnamurty says its highly plausible he could be taken down in by the ch A guilty plea by the President's former Lawyer Michael Cohen could land Donald Trump in increasingly hot water in the weeks to come.

The Tradefair team bring Betfair's array of Donald Trump markets are spiking again after two of his close advisors were convicted of multiple crimes. Is impeachment on the cards? A number of leading US publications have published articles about the importance of a free press, as President Trump calls them enemies. The Tradefair team b Tuesday sees the final Special Congressional Election before the mid-terms.

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