OLG shut down NFL Pro-Line betting on Sunday

See Who We Are. For NFL bets, as an example, in addition to the three-game parlay restriction, bettors must also choose whether the Home or Visitor will win by at least eight points, or the Home or Visitor to win by four or more points, or a TIE which means the game must be decided by three points or less. Once the results are updated, the total pot will be split between those who selected the winning outcome. We guarantee privacy, so your email is safe and secure. The expansion, which is largely focused on sports betting, will also allow people to place live bets during games, something currently unavailable through OLG. OLG Sports Betting – Proline

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I have to stress just how poor Proline is in Ontario. The odds are horrible, with payouts of close to double being the norm online. You also have to bet on between 3 and 6 games, while online you have the option for single bets and you have a ton of extra betting options. With point spread you simply choose the visitor or the home team against the spread.

There are no odds to worry about with payouts instead determined by the number of picks you make on your ticket. The more picks the higher the payout. Check out our dedicated Point Spreads page for more details. There is a list of games or props or picks on a card for the night. You simply go through the card and select which team will win each game. Everyone who fills out that card for that day is entered into a pool and whichever player gets the most selections correct wins the pot.

For this reason you never know how much you will win if you get the most correct answers because if more people enter, more money is available to be won.

The OLG is the by far the worst of the various sports betting programs run by the different provincial governments. The odds are by far the worst I have seen, the OLG requires parlay bets with at least 3 selections, while other provinces only require 2, there is no website for placing bets and the betting options are lacking.

Ontario residents, more than any other province in Canada, should definitely make the transition to betting through one of my recommended online sportsbooks. OLG Proline will give bettors access to three different sporting events when participating in betting pools.

Bettors can either wager on Soccer, Baseball, or College Football. Sports pool is a particular form of gambling allowing bettors to place a bet into a pot and choose an outcome from the list of sports.

Once the results are updated, the total pot will be split between those who selected the winning outcome. Ontario has a wide variety of gaming options, including online and land-based horse racing, lotteries, casinos, and provincially operated sports lotteries with an ever-growing online presence.

Sports betting and gaming enthusiasts can also indulge in a wide range of online sports betting, poker, and gaming sites being operated offshore.

In Ontario, sports betting and gaming are legally regulated by the Gaming Control Act, established in , to oversee the growth of the gaming industry in Ontario, which paved the way for the province's first land based casinos in both Windsor and Niagara Falls. The gaming laws in the province are enforced by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

The organization was established in by the province of Ontario to regulate the service, sale, and consumption of alcohol, and to ensure the charitable and casino gaming is conducted in a socially responsible manner which is in the public's interest.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, also referred to as OLG, was established in to run lottery games sold by private retailers throughout the province.

Today, the OLG also owns and operates land-based and online casinos, paper-based sports betting games, 4 e-Bingo centres, and slot machine facilities at several racetracks throughout Ontario. In recent years, OLG has gone to great lengths to modernize gaming and lottery in the province.

Although their attempt to open a land based casino in Toronto failed, they are continuing their efforts to modernize their operations. The betting odds on OLG Proline, when compared to overseas betting sites, are extremely poor and won't allow you to win over a long term due to the odds given.

Therefore, Proline is considered a lottery instead of a sports betting platform. In addition, single bets are also not allowed with OLG Proline, making overseas sports betting sites a lot more appealing. Looking at the range of sports lottery schemes in the country, something is better than nothing we suppose.

Although they offer a great-looking website along with a mobile app and five different odds categories, OLC Proline is still far behind in terms of offering a betting site that can compete with other leading sports betting websites offshore.

The biggest drawback is that bettors are still required to take a trip to their local lottery retailer and can't make a simple bet online. Be the first to know about new online casinos, the latest free slots games and receive exclusive promotions. We guarantee privacy, so your email is safe and secure.