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After all, it's better than paying a Team Doctor 10, Dynasty Points, when you could be boosting ratings instead. Browse easily to your game from A to Z or use our search box. Answer IX Retro shoes Tips and Tricks


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Rebounds Strength 83 Quickness Off. Northwest Division vintage jerseys Get a "Silver" or greater rank in all Tier 2 competitions in Superstar Challenge mode to unlock the Northwest Division vintage jerseys. Playmaker passes Around Body pass: Behind The Back pass: Fake Behind The Back pass: If it is done from the free throw line, it is worth an automatic If you hold it for a few seconds, he will put his arm pit in the rim for a 50 if you are lucky.

To do a dunk for an automatic 50, while holding the R dunk modifier, run toward the basket and press the one foot gather Y. As soon as the gather motion starts, quickly rotate the Analog-stick counter-clockwise twice then press the Windmill Dunk Y again. Release Y just before completing the first rotation and you will automatically complete the second rotation. You will always get a 50 for completing this dunk. The R modifier must be held for the entire dunk. Also, you must complete the motion before pressing Y the second time to dunk.

As soon as you start the gather motion, hold Pump Slam X button, releasing X as soon as the ball passes under the legs and make contact with the player's other hand. The timing is difficult and you will probably get hung on the rim until you get the timing correct.

However, this dunk is also a 50 if you land it. When you perform this dunk, make sure you are running in the red out of bounds area behind the goal and not on the court or the judges may only give you a Start from the baseline. Hold L then use X to gather and X to do the trick. Correct timing is required. If done correctly, your player will do the under the two legs dunk. Do Between the Legs twice. When the when both hands are on the ball, release.

Most of the time it will be a 50, depending on the take-off point and how long you hold it after both hands touch. Use the following trick to do a cartwheel between the legs twice dunk. Take off from behind the three point line, then hold L and tap X. Then, hold X until the ball is in your other hand. Use the following trick to do the MJ Rock the Cradle dunk. While holding the R dunk modifier, run towards the basket and press B for your gather then B for your trick.

Stand behind the three-point line. Press Analog-stick Down to throw the ball off the backboard. That should make the player grab the ball and be above the rim. Release Y and your player should hang on the rim and get an automatic To get an automatic 50 in the dunk contest do the following.

Go to center court and move all the way to the left. Run up to the left of the free throw line, then press Y. When he is doing the gather move, rotate the Left Analog-stick counter-clockwise quickly in a single complete rotation. Training on conditioning will affect a player's Strength, Speed, Quickness, Jumping and Stamina ratings. There are a mere points to spend on each of these categories, in increments of 5.

While you might be tempted to put all of your beans into offensive categories, it is actually the opposite that works best.

Sink 50 points into Defense and 50 points into Conditioning. The CPU-controlled players play the majority of your defense, as you are usually only controlling the guy on the ball. The other four guys are out of your control, but if you make them better at D, there is a better chance that they will put themselves into good position to make a steal, snag a defensive rebound, etc. As for conditioning, it will allow your stars to spend more time on the court without their ratings taking a hit.

Since your starters will almost always be your best guys, the more minutes you can get them, the better. Conditioning also helps improve some fundamental ratings categories, which can give you that extra edge that you need. One way to make your squad better during the season short of being great at controlling the players is by hiring coaches to help in various ratings categories.

In order to hire them, however, you'll have to earn Dynasty Points by completing objectives during gameplay. The more impressive you play, the more points you will accrue. There are two ways you can go about this. You can hook up a Training Session, which can help an Individual or have a Team Session, which is preferable.

But the best way to go is actually the Dynasty Extras selection. This allows very focused ratings-growing, and it has a much more diverse range of prices. Hiring coaches and doctors in the Dynasty Extras menu allows you to improve the ratings of your entire team, and the length of time you want the ratings to last for. The Whole Season selection is always preferable, as it will give you the best shot to compete down the stretch.

However, sometimes the 10 Games option is a little more manageable points-wise. What's more, your increased ratings will likely help to generate even more Dynasty Points. And the circle of life is complete. So what should you develop? Here's where you should focus on your team's deficiencies. While it always helps to increase your team's Stamina rating with Conditioning, it might be a better idea especially if you already boosted Stamina in Training Camp to bolster your Shooting or 3 Point Shooting across the board.

Review your individual player stats to see what the whole team needs help with, then go after those categories aggressively. Scouting is a crucial element this time around, primarily because you want to build your team through the draft. Instead, make sure you are scouting players throughout the year. Earn some points, scout some players. Try to look at the guys that will be available to you.

If you plan to win the championship or at least make the playoffs , you aren't going to have a crack at the Top 10 athletes on the list. However, if you aren't getting it done, and will finish in the bottom half of the league, take a gander at the candidates at the top of the list in the positions you most desperately need.

Concentrate on the prospects that have Average or Good potential. You can trade Tinsley for Micheal Redd from the Bucks. You'll lose a point guard though, no worries. You can put Fred Jones at PG. He's just as small and better than your other PG's.

I like to play Eddie Gill though. If you look at my hint above you can trade Artest for Anthony or Richardson. Then you will have a pretty good lineup. The pistons have the best lineup. Heres my starting lineup. If you start a dynasty or season with the Pacers you can trade Artest for better people, here are the people that accepted: But the three above I know they will take.