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Use of a pari mutuel system means there is a win pool of all the bets made by the public. The track takes its cut and returns the balance to the winning horse racing bettors. The key point is the public sets the payoffs for each horse in the race by the process of placing their bets.

When the puiblic makes a mistake there is a market inefficiency. Accuracy Is The Critical Key! It Really Is That Simple! It is simply amazing we were all told we will make our money on race 12!

The Preakness was race But, then we went over the E ratings and it was explained how some races are paceless. Then we were told the most likely winners were 2 and 5. We were told the most likely scenario for the race was one of the deep closers would pass the early leaders in the stretch.

Since 2 had a good key factor 1 rank and 11 E rating that is who I focused on. I bet 2 to win and I keyed 2 in the exactas over the few likely early leaders based on the E rating. At Finger Lakes I hit a in race 8. That is good because Finger Lakes has a lot of favorites. No more playing horses without key factor rankings and RSR and the E rating for me! It was so much more than exciting. I was having such a good week at Monmouth using the Algorithms my friends thought I was a genius.

I enjoyed using the key factors and RSR because now I get such a good feel for the race. I don't even need the racing form anymore. The tote boards have been lighting up nice and bright!. I recommend to suscribe to Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors because. It's very good handicapping in all the tracks in The United States and besides that, it's definitively easy to undestand to those who are looking for only the best.

Each week, thousands of horseplayers betting thoroughbred, quarter horse, or Arabians at U. No other horse betting system has WinningPonies e -Intelligence.

See more of what WinningPonies can do for you. For decades, handicapping exotic wagers was too complex for the everyday horse player.

You practically needed a Harvard degree to place a winning bet! WinningPonies tackles exotics from an entirely different angle in this modern age: A focus on proven algorithms which scan, analyze and predict pari-mutual horse races in real time.

We pick horses that have shown they are ready to win based on more in-depth factors than our competition. Be as informed and confident as the savviest local horseplayer. Know every angle and subtlety at over U. Get longshots you won't hear about anywhere else. WinningPonies uses proprietary algorithms to pick winning first-time starters and first-time turfers. This handicapping system is a comprehensive one that utilize Pace Handicapping Longshots is now on sale!

If you check my website you'll see that I picked Oxbow to win. If you use other past performances you'll still find that the information will improve your a A Top Ten best seller! TSS is just the ticket against platers and the big boys alike.

The Triple Crown series for three-year-olds is a favorite playground for this strategy. Give this one a shot, yo The Harness Diamond System is the industry leader in sales. You can view or print the main s This is very fast to use, and included in this edition of the.

Bettors tend to ignore the key factor that drives3-D and that alone will give you a leg up whenever you put your money down. He shared that in all the years of handicapping he thought that the Even Finish spot play was the best and most effective spot play he had ever encountered.