Want to add to the discussion? The book is obviously trying to code in a fail safe answer with their stipulation. Brans the muthafuckin night king? Who will kill Cersei Lannister? Send an email to Bovada and ask them to send you a spreadsheet of your entire bet history. Winter is Coming

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Who is the Promised Prince/Princess?

I don't think either take the throne. My theory is Dany dies giving birth. Like you said, between Jon and Dany, one of them is definitely dying. This is Game of Thrones after all. Im going to take a stab in the dark and go with Dany being the one that ends up staying alive. I mean, Jon literally already died and was brought back to life. On my local book, Bran is at Was there a leak or something.

Of course it was green. Because they had lines up for this before Bovada or anyone I was like what am I missing with Bran. They won't have something you want to bet on but then they will randomly start doing triple A baseball one day. Bovada doesn't even have that. I'm actually about to go to see my local team tonight for like 15 dollars and throw a bunch of money on them lol.

I would love to bet this. But you are tying up your money for at least another year? Better off to wait for some spoilers and then bet like previous years.

The odds on Davos are surprisingly high. Much is made of his humble beginnings, and his ability to do survive. Arya Stark is a real dark horse here in my opinion. She can also basically do whatever she wants. I would never place a dime on his wager, way too likely to be cancelled for some BS reason in the off chance you win. For what it's worth, I bet on a bunch of GoT markets at several books for season 7, and all of them played it straight up, even in a few cases where there was some obvious wiggle room.

You actually think that the most popular series of all time will be canceled before the final season? Fuck gambling, get me a gram of whatever this man is smoking and spark me up. If there is no King or Queen, whomever rules or controls King's Landing will be deemed the winner.

If people think of it strictly in terms of "one person conclusively ruling all of westeros", then I think the field of other weird options split rulership most importantly, or it's passed down to new lesser characters as many of the main ones die, apocalyptic scenario, etc.

But in the of one of those weird outcomes, it's "whoever rules King's Landing". The only weird remaining bit is that I think there's a nontrivial chance that King's Landing is destroyed and made uninhabited, in which case I have no idea how they determine the winner if rulership is split. Overall, I'd be pretty wary about this wager. I think the most likely ending is going to be some weird setup that won't just have one of these title characters assuming the title.

In that case, there are just too many unknowns to feel very happy in a bet. I mean does this count as no one? My bet isn't there, I have no open bets. I'll be pissed if he's the king at the end. I've never bet anywhere else. I wish I could search all wagers. You can't do that.

Send an email to Bovada and ask them to send you a spreadsheet of your entire bet history. They will do it. But if they cancelled it or otherwise graded the wager prematurely for some reason, it will show up in the list. Yeah I'm positive I made this bet, it was a few seasons back. I'll have to do that.

I feel like the night king is actually the most likely outcome. The whole show is a metaphor for the grim reality that for all of the games we play in life, we all end up at the same point in the end: Death comes for all.

Ofc you can say that for every major player left in the game but with him its the most likely that it would be graded like that since he is the only one who is not interessted in the human race surviving. Its not about sitting on the throne.

If the Night King wins there will be no Kings Landing. How would they grade it in that case, if not to say the night king wins? I agree that everyone dies is the most likely outcome but the way i interpret the wording he cant win the bet. Which is why i wont take anything, too afraid that bookies use a similar line of thinking to weasel themself out of paying. Week 2 figures to be even bigger.

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Daenerys and Jon Snow are the two most obvious options, while some people online have built up arguments for Jorah Mormont and others. At least, these are the three options the best entertainment betting sites like Bovada are willing to take money on:.

We do have to note two things, though. That would be a bummer for Bovada. The promised prince might not actually be a thing and for betting purposes, all of this outside speculation is just noise. Then again, that might simply be GOT for ya. We have to make a decision based on the only three options that matter.

The idea here is to both follow along with this awesome show, but also make some cash when we finally reveal the answer. If Lannister is already shaping up as the guy who has to take out Queen Cersei, then why not make that impact double the fun by making him Azor Ahai?

Besides, Jaime is a fan favorite and to see him being an even bigger part of the GOT pie than we initially expected would be all kinds of awesome.

Then again, how dare the Game of Thrones showrunners take this role from Jon Snow?