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Here are the Top Rated Basketball Betting Sites for 2018:

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If you wanted to take the Los Angeles Lakers -5 against the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers would have to win by 5 points or more for you to win your bet.

If the Lakers win but only win by one point, you will lose your bet. If you wanted to take the over Lastly, like most other sports, NBA betting offers moneylines. The NBA also offers parlays and teasers , along with future bets. Beyond the typical NBA betting markets, many bookmakers offer a variety of different betting opportunities, including the above three markets for the first and second halves, and for each of the four quarters.

Other exotic and prop bets include:. This is effectively the same bet as total betting listed above but the bookmakers offer different lines so that punters have a choice of larger odds. If you think there will be a high-scoring game, for example, you might find very juicy odds on over points.

The double result gives you the chance to select which team will be winning at halftime and at fulltime. This is a good way to boost the odds of a selection but it does come with greater risk attached. For the bet to win, you have to correctly predict the result of both halves of the match.

As stated, this is a bet on the winning margin of your selected team. There are some huge odds in this market, but clearly, the risks of losing are far higher.

The NBA season has been different this year for fans and bettors. Scoring is down and back-to-back games and a tight schedule has fatigued many teams across the league.

Tired legs have led to short jumpers and sloppy basketball. Oddsmakers have already adjusted totals to the decrease in offence, rendering the edge to bettors much smaller. Also, due to the number of games each day, bettors have a long list of games to cap, making it even harder to find value. Here are some aspects to consider when capping your NBA matchups. This is probably the most important thing to keep an eye on. Injuries, especially to key players, are factored heavily into the line.

When injury news breaks, certain games will have reduced limits or may be pulled off the board completely. In some cases, teams will play better in spite of an injury to a star player.

In this season most teams will go through periods of playing three games in three nights, this especially affects older squads. Some teams may feed off their home crowd especially well and have a great record at home.

However, on the road, they struggle. It also should be noted that generally, bench players are most affected when you compare home and road splits. Educate yourself before making a play on how your team reacts to the arena they are playing in.

Occasionally, NBA teams will lose focus at certain points during a long season and bettors will need to capitalize on this.

Another factor to consider is matchups. Although this is factored into the line, by knowing the lineups and players, you can help determine how well the oddsmakers are valuing the injury. If you spot a matchup where you see a clear advantage, you may want to look more closely at that game.

Trends, though, are still viable to use when capping NBA games, but they must not be the only factor. So beware of overvaluing a trend. This is often the case with totals; a trend might tell you Golden State and Phoenix have gone over the total the last five times the two teams have played.

Props can be very profitable for some NBA Bettors. Often times, prop lines will differ from bookmaker to bookmaker, offering value to those who can spot a weakness in a line. Finding the best price with a prop bet you feel has an edge can be a very solid bet. Historically some players have shot extremely well in certain Arenas or against certain teams. Again, this is an example of a trend, so take it for what it is worth. March Madness is a tournament series that consists of a team bracket playing for the chance to advance to the final four the best 4 teams from each region.

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