Saint Louis Billikens Favored by -2 Point Spread Against the VCU Rams on Tuesday

Justin Tillman ripped the nets for a career-high 37 points, including seven of VCU's nine points in overtime, and the Rams pulled out an victory over Dayton on Saturday. Those numbers on the road over the last month are Post was not sent - check your email addresses! FIRST ROUND

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Fordham Rams vs. VCU Rams ATS Preview

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The game will be televised Friday night on TBS, with the game tipping off at 9: The key for VCU will be forcing the Seminoles to turn the ball over. Maintaining a high turnover margin has kept the Rams alive all year, as the team has a turnover margin of plus in their 26 wins this year. In their 11 losses, their turnover margin is only plus So the more susceptible Florida State is to the havoc that VCU will try to create, the less chance they have of making it to the Elite Eight.

In fact, the Seminoles are quite possibly the perfect matchup for an easy VCU victory. Florida State has more turnovers than they have assists in total this season. The Seminoles' ability to keep a handle on the ball will be of supreme importance. Lose the ball too often, and VCU will run away with the win. But the Seminoles could achieve victory here if they keep shooting as well as they have in their previous two tournament wins this year.