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Georgette Murray is plagued by his conscience when he considers having an affair with an attractive junior high school principal he met at one of Mary's parties. Alamodome Giants Stadium Tiger Stadium. Looking at Sunday's game, he figures the heavy play will be on the Colts and the over. Andersen Manning Jackson Roaf. Report Abuse

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Production Credits Executive producer: Brooks and Allan Burns Created by: Brooks and Allan Burns Producer: Phyllis, Rhoda Rebounding from a broken romance, Mary Richards, 30, moves to Minneapolis, where she finds an apartment in the same building as her old friend Phyllis Lindstrom, meets her upstairs neighbor Rhoda Morgenstern, a native of New York, and gets a job as associate producer for The Six O'Clock News at WJM-TV, where her co-workers include Lou Grant the gruff producer of the news, Murray Slaughter, the unflappable news writer, and Ted Baxter, the narcissistic anchorman.

Rhoda, Phyllis Alarmed at the prospect of being 30 and still single, Mary reluctantly allows Rhoda to talk her into inviting some supposedly eligible male friends to a party in Mary's apartment. Rhoda, Phyllis Mary finds herself in a delicate situation when she unwittingly goes from being Bess's babysitter to being her adoptive mother, a situation that Phyllis cannot deal with.

Rhoda Mary and Rhoda join a club for divorced people, called the "Better Luck Next Time" club, to get group rates for a trip to Europe, but their plans backfire when Mary gets elected to the club's executive board.

Ed Asner did not appear in this episode. Rhoda, Phyllis Frank Carelli, an ex-football player turned insurance salesman, attaches himself to Mary in hopes of getting a job at WJM as a sportscaster. Ted Knight did not appear in this episode.

Morgenstern, a member of the keep-them-feeling-guilty school of child rearing, comes to Minneapolis for a visit and Rhoda refuses to see her.

Emmy Award - Outstanding writing achievement in comedy series. Rhoda Mary becomes involved romantically with a writer who appears on a WJM news program, and becomes acutely aware of the fact that he is several inches shorter than she is. Emmy Award - Outstanding directorial achievement in comedy series.

Rhoda A heavy snowstorm forces Mary to produce her first news program: Rhoda Mary's enthusiasm at being nominated for her first Teddy Award is dampened by Rhoda's new boyfriend Bob, who displays more interest in Mary than he does in Rhoda. Rhoda, Phyllis When she finds herself unable to keep up with her increasingly heavy workload, Mary hires Phyllis as her newsroom assistant, with disastrous results. Rhoda Mary's income tax return is audited by an IRS auditor who takes more of an interest in Mary than he does in her taxes, even though he won't admit it.

Edward Asner did not appear in this episode. Phyllis When a speaking engagement for Ted Baxter at Phyllis' club turns into a demoralizing experience, Mary is faced with the task of restoring his self-confidence. Rhoda, Phyllis Mary is forced to hold off the amorous advances of Lou's Nephew, a young cameraman at the studio, who's telling everyone a different story than she is about what happened when she invited him home for supper.

Rhoda, Phyllis Mary is forced to cancel her planned trip home and make the best of things when she finds out that she has to work on Christmas Day.

Arnell persists in believing that Mary and Howard are engaged. Rhoda, Phyllis Mary sadly prepares to leave her newsroom friends to begin a job as a producer at a rival station, but she has second thoughts when they throw a farewell party for her. Rhoda After accepting an innocent invitation to go to lunch, Mary finds herself becoming romantically involved with a married man against her wishes. Rhoda, Phyllis Mary loses first her clothes and then her furniture when her apartment is burglarized twice within the space of a couple of days.

Rhoda Murray's joy at learning that his oft-rejected newsroom play, All Work and No Play , will be produced is offset by the news that the leading role will be played by Ted.

Rhoda When Mary checks into the hospital to have one of her tonsils removed, she draws a cantankerous roommate who rejects her numerous attempts at friendship. Rhoda Mary becomes involved when she learns the reason for Lou's repeated refusals of her invitations to supper: Rhoda An obnoxious childhood friend uses her relationship with Mary to introduce herself to, and impose upon, the rest of the newsroom staff.

Rhoda Rhoda is at a loss when she finds out that the man she has fallen in love with is a former executive who has dropped out and plans to go back to school to prepare for his new career as a forest ranger. When a drop in the news show ratings cause Lou to be fired, Mary tries to get his job back by going to see the station owner: Rhoda Lou breaks his long-standing rule about fixing people up when he arranges a date for Mary with a middle-aged bachelor friend of his, and then becomes upset when the romance doesn't work out as he had planned.

Rhoda When the office schedule forces Mary to take a last-minute, winter vacation, she and Rhoda decide to go to Mexico, but they are asked to fulfill a mysterious favor in exchange for reservations. Rhoda, Phyllis In order to be better at her job, Mary enrolls in a night school journalism class and ends up dating the instructor. Rhoda, Phyllis Rhoda's mother returns for a visit and tries to be pals with her daughter after seeing how well Mary gets along with her mother, and what good friends Bess and Phyllis are.

Rhoda When Ted's brother, a professional model, arrives in town, he revives a long-standing sibling rivalry as each brother tries to out-do the other. Rhoda When Mary attends her high school reunion, she encounters many faces from her past, including a former boyfriend that she'd prefer to forget. Rhoda When a union strike causes all the writers and performers at the station to hit the picket line, Mary and Lou are forced to write and deliver the news by themselves.

Rhoda Ted's worst fears are realized when he's forced to take a vacation he doesn't want, and his replacement turns out to be a huge success. Rhoda Although she thinks the idea is silly, Mary answers a chain-letter she got from Lou, and receives an unexpected reply as a result.

Rhoda Lou receives a shock when he takes Mary and Rhoda to see a John Wayne movie and sees his son-in-law there with a woman who is not his daughter.. Rhoda, Phyllis When Rhoda loses her job as a window-dresser, Mary is puzzled at her seeming reluctance to find another. With his wife out of town for a few days, Lou hires Rhoda to redecorate his living room, but she soon finds that her flamboyant tastes do not agree with his more conservative ones.

Rhoda The newsroom staff is surprised to learn that Ted has fallen in love with the daughter of the star of the Chuckles the Clown show.

Mary is excited about dating a handsome politician who is one of the governor's top aides, but her enthusiasm fades as he keeps breaking dates. Rhoda A guilty Mary hires an incompetent girl as her assistant because she was responsible for the girl losing her previous job as a waitress. Rhoda Murray takes on an extra job as a cab driver to earn extra money so he can buy his wife a car as a present for their tenth wedding anniversary. Rhoda, Phyllis When Mary gets a phone call from a former boyfriend who is back in town for a few days after agreeing to babysit Bess for the weekend, she turns to Lou for help.

Rhoda, Phyllis When the apartment directly below Mary's becomes available, Ted decides to move in, but Mary and Rhoda, who aren't as excited by the idea as Ted is, try to dissuade him. Rhoda, Phyllis A fire destroys Rhoda's apartment and threatens her friendship with Mary when she moves into Mary's apartment for a few days, and the two friends find themselves getting an each other's nerves.

Rhoda, Phyllis After Mary begins dating a handsome architect who has come to sketch her building, she is surprised to discover that his son is almost as old as she is. Rhoda, Phyllis Mary begins a friendship with Joanne, a woman who ran into her car, but quickly ends the relationship when she learns that she is prejudiced. Rhoda When Mary learns that the city councilman she has lined up as guest on 'Face the People' is totally ignorant of current events, she tries to prepare him so he can make a respectable appearance on the show.

Rhoda When the station manager decides that it's time to change the image of The Six O'Clock News, he assigns Mary the task of making it more informal. Rhoda Against Lou's advice, Mary grants an interview to a newspaper columnist who is a champion word twister, and ends up accepting a date from him.

Rhoda, Phyllis Lou's promotion to the position of program director creates problems for the newsroom when Murray takes over his old job.

Rhoda When Rhoda's parents come to Minneapolis for a visit her mother confides that their marriage is on the rocks, even if her father doesn't know it yet. Ted Knight does not appear in this episode. Rhoda When Murray loses a lot of money to Ted in a poker game arranged by Mary to make up for Lou's cancelled trip to Las Vegas he makes a wild double-or-nothing bet based on Ted's ability to deliver his lines to win it back. Despite losing 20 pounds, and Mary's efforts to convince her otherwise, Rhoda still feels fat, until she enters a beauty contest being sponsored by the store she works in.

Rhoda Mary has mixed feelings about the news that her parents are moving to Minneapolis to be close to their daughter. Rhoda Mary becomes romantically involved with a comedy writer who is working for Chuckles the Clown but really wants to be a stand-up comedian.

Rhoda When Ted decides to earn extra money by doing television commercials, he and his "agent" trick Lou into giving him a non-exclusive contract. Rhoda Mary becomes the third side of a fractured triangle when a couple who have been friends of hers for years separate, and she begins seeing the husband. Rhoda When Mary discovers that her newly retired father is suffering from boredom, she tries to find him some new friends.

Rhoda, Phyllis Mary finds herself in a difficult position when Bess Lindstrom's boyfriend falls madly in love with her and begins hanging out around her, both at the office and at her apartment. When Lou checks into the hospital to have a small piece of WW2 shrapnel removed, he leaves Mary in charge of the newsroom, creating friction between her and Murray, and develops an unexpected friendship with Ted. Rhoda, Georgette When Rhoda announces her plan to move back to New York after returning from a vacation there, Mary thinks that she's only kidding and that she won't really go through with it.

Rhoda A chance meeting between Mary and former boyfriend Dan Whitfield and his fiancee sets off an unexpected chain of events, culminating in Dan's proposal to Mary. Dan Whitfield first appeared in episode Rhoda Lou achieves a lifelong ambition when he becomes the owner of his own bar, but he's forced to go into partnership with Ted to do it.

Rhoda, Phyllis, Georgette Phyllis becomes a nervous wreck when her brother, visiting from New York, falls for Rhoda instead of Mary, as she had planned. Mary and Rhoda try to straighten out Ted's new girlfriend Georgette, because they feel that he's taking advantage of her naive, trusting nature. Rhoda Mary encounters an overly zealous suitor who just won't leave her alone when she lets Rhoda talk her into accepting a blind date.

Rhoda Lou doesn't quite know what to do when he finds out that his new boss, an attractive woman, thinks that she's in love with him. Murray becomes depressed when he hears that a former classmate of his has won a Pulitzer prize in journalism, and he begins to think that life is passing him by.

Rhoda When Mary receives a phone call from an ex-boyfriend who broke her heart once before, she is torn between wanting to see him again, and wishing he'd stay out of her life forever.

Rhoda Mary's nomination for a Teddy award for a show she produced is the only bright spot in her life, as absolutely everything else seems to be going wrong.

Rhoda, Georgette When Rhoda's green thumb convinces her that she should go into the houseplant business, she turns to Mary for help, and convinces her friend to loan her the money that Mary had been saving to buy a new car.

Emmy Award - Best supporting actress in comedy for a special program; a one-time appearance in a series; or a continuing role: Rhoda Mary dates a man seven years younger than she despite the advice of friends against the relationship, but has second thoughts when she meets some of his friends.

Morgenstern, who thinks that Rhoda is dying of jealousy, tries to downplay the importance of the ceremony. Rhoda Lou is heartbroken and confused when his wife Edie moves out of the house after their marriage counselor suggests a trial separation. Rhoda When she asks for more responsibility, Lou gives Mary the task of hiring a new sportscaster for the station, providing that she fire the old one.

Rhoda, Georgette Ted nervously prepares for a reunion with his father, who deserted him as a baby, and who he hasn't seen since. Rhoda Wes Callison, one of Mary's ex-boyfriends, gets a job in the newsroom and manages to disrupt things there when he displays more interest in Mary than he does in his job.

Rhoda, Georgette Lou, newly separated from his wife, needs a date to take to an awards ceremony, so he assigns Mary the task of finding him a lady friend, with unexpected results. Rhoda When Rhoda falls madly in love with the owner of the store she works in, she ignores Mary's advice to take it slowly until she has some idea of how he feels about her. Sue Ann, Rhoda Mary is forced to make use of Sue Ann's expertise as a cook when a congresswoman with whom Mary worked on a news show accepts her very casual invitation to dinner.

Rhoda Mary agrees to try and get a lonely Lou back together with his wife when Lou begins showing up at Mary's apartment each night for supper. Phyllis, Rhoda, Georgette When Phyllis decides that Ted would make an ideal candidate for the city council, he surprises everyone in the newsroom by giving up his job at WJM to pursue a political career. When Mary learns that Murray's daughter Bonnie is looking for a part-time job, she gets the girl one in the newsroom, but things don't quite work out as planned.

Georgette, Rhoda When Georgette catches Ted kissing another woman in his dressing room, she decides to become a nun, but Rhoda and Mary try to talk her out of it.