Sports Team-Mom Duty Checklist

As important to the parents as it is the kids, Senior night is a truly unique event that deserves thoughtful planning and your best execution yet. Ask for a handful of parents that can rotate either running the scoreboard, keeping the score book, etc. And pay attention to liquid sugar as well like sodas, juice and sports drinks. Set a Timer

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Activities when Mom is Sick

We love this Doctor Costume , because you can involve your child in taking care of Mommy as well. Have them fetch you fresh water, and take your temperature; they are having fun pretending while also actually helping nurse you back to health. Play a few rounds of Go Fish or engage of a battle of the minds with an epic game of concentration.

Do both if necessary. Once they are done with the cards, move onto your board game stash! Up the ante and play for mini-marshmallows! Looking to add to your game stash? Consider getting the Game of Trouble from Hasbro. Build a town complete with a library, houses and a bank. Use wooden blocks , Legos or Lincoln Logs — or a combination of all of them! Are your children getting tired of their same toys?

Having a few different building type toys and rotating them every few weeks will put the life back in those old toys again! Want to change it up? Check out these Stackadoos from B. We adore the old bristle block style!

Remember, the key with these ideas is for you to rest as much as you can. Moms rarely get sick and it is perfectly acceptable for you to lay down, be lazy and REST during this time. This is especially true for moms who are home all day with the kids or when you have kids that are not in school yet. Make it up to them by spending lots of quality and quantity time outside when you are better again. Looking for more inspiration on quiet time activities? Check out these posts: The Many Benefits of Kids Yoga.

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Product Recommendation Looking to add to your game stash? September is Baby Safety Month: What You Should Know. I am not saying that he was perfect and followed all the rules, but he stayed out of trouble and he always knew that he could call us if was in a troublesome situation or was considering making a troublesome decision.

Being on a team that had rules like ours helped with this for sure. This became even more of a priority when he started driving. Between his academics, club travel hockey, high school hockey team and being a member of the high school golf team…that is a lot to keep up with. Add the energy and alertness needed to drive a car and it became crucial to us that he take care of himself. Being on a sports team encouraged him to want to make healthier choices, so that helped us to help him.

We turned travel hockey into our family vacation at times. It was a blast for our family! He did so working at Subway and then at our local golf course.

We did this to support him and if he were to be injured he did suffer a few broken bones , then one of us was there. We did this because it was important to him and he kept up his end of the deal by making good grades and staying out of trouble. That was important, both to him and to us. And from all of this, he gained perseverance, self-confidence, a strong team player mentality, coordination, focus, goal setting skills, skills on how to manage disappointment and still root for others at the same time and a lot of heartfelt wonderful memories that we all cherish.

He also has maintained strong friendships from his hockey years. He also does play by play for announcing for multiple ASU sports hockey being one of them and balances five internships with his college academics. I believe that his years in youth sports has contributed to the success he is experiencing so far in college as he works hard, balances a lot, sets goals and goes for it in an organized and methodical manner.

Now a few of my favorite mama tips when it came to trying to keep my boy fed well and healthy during those 14 youth sports years. Game Day Nutrition One thing I appreciated about our son playing team sports, is that he was motivated to eat right and take care of himself so that he would be fit and ready to play hockey.

And pay attention to liquid sugar as well like sodas, juice and sports drinks. Water, milk and occasionally a sports drink when we felt he needed the electrolytes after a game. Most of the time, we kept sugary drinks out of the house. Pair with cut up fruit, and a good whole wheat toast. Add a glass of milk for protein and calcium and water, too. Staying hydrated is crucial. Add apple slices with peanut butter and a veggie tray. I always put out a fruit tray instead of sugary desserts during game weekends.

Serve lunch 2 to 3 hours before game time so your child has enough time to properly digest the meal. I nagged him to eat right and drink enough water.