How Sports Betting Works

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The Different Types of Sports Wagers

What are the point spread and the money line?

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Is it finally time to bet on Tiger Woods? This part of our guide is specifically for those who are new to sports betting. It focuses on all the basics, which are important to understand. Although it's relatively easy to start betting on sports, it's not the best idea to start risking money without knowing exactly what's involved. So spending a little time learning the basics is highly recommended.

You might want to take a look through this part of our guide even if you've been betting for a while. There's no harm in refreshing your memory every now and again, and who knows? You might just learn something new. Before we get into the details of everything covered here, let's first take a look at some of the reasons why you should even consider betting on sports. The basics of sports betting are very straightforward. There's nothing especially complicated you need to know before getting started.

You just need to understand the basic mechanics of how it all works, and learn how to actually place a wager. Sports betting is different to most other forms of gambling, as you are NOT completely reliant on luck. Although the bookmakers have an inherent advantage, this advantage can be overcome if you know what you're doing.

Arguably the best reason of all to bet on sports is the simple fact that it's a lot of fun. Testing your sports knowledge against the bookmakers can be very enjoyable, and it makes watching sports even more exciting too.

Online betting sites have made it easier than ever before to place your sports bets. All you need to do is log into your account from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Then you can bet whenever and wherever you want. These are the four main reasons why so many people bet on sports. It's an incredibly popular form of gambling, enjoyed by millions all over the world.

There are some people who bet purely for the fun of it, and some people who take it very seriously. Some people even make a very good income from it. The first point listed here is an undeniable fact. Although we don't know the exact numbers, the vast majority of people who wager on sports definitely lose money. It might be easy to learn the basics of sports betting, but learning how to win is MUCH more challenging. This is primarily because of the second point listed here.

Bookmakers aren't in business for the fun of it, they're in it to make an overall profit. They have a clear advantage over their customers, as they are the ones who get to set the odds and lines. They build a commission in to those odds, which means their customers effectively pay a fee every time they place a wager.

The bookmakers are also very good at setting the odds and lines in a way that makes them hard to beat. A lot of people assume that a bit of sports knowledge is all they need to win money from betting, but this just simply isn't the case. It might help them to win a few wagers now and then, or even reasonably frequently, but it's not enough by itself. The bookmakers know their stuff too. The guys setting the odds and lines are often real experts in at least one sport, and they also tend to be excellent with the numbers.

So you need a lot more than just a little sports knowledge to take them on. Although it's important to understand this, don't worry about it too much. It may be that you're not too worried about winning money, and that you're just interested in betting for the fun of it.

As long as you're only risking money that you can afford to lose, then it's no different to spending money on any other form of entertainment. However, try to bear the following point in mind. OK, so this is obviously our opinion rather than a hard fact. It's surely not hard to imagine that sports betting is much more enjoyable when you're winning though. This is precisely why we encourage people to take their betting seriously and strive to make a profit from it.

There's still plenty of fun to be had, with the potential of actually having something tangible to show for it. And even if you only manage to break-even, this at least means that you get your entertainment for no cost at all. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Although it's worth thinking about what you want to get out of betting even as a beginner, the first step is of course to learn the basics.

So please take the time to read through our beginner's section as a starting point. This will give you a solid foundation to work from. Here's a list of what's included, along with a link to the section itself. This article looks at the benefits of sports betting compared to casino gambling and playing poker. It also includes some other reasons for betting on sports. Here we explain exactly how sports betting works. We look at the three main components that make up a sports wager: In this article we explain the process for actually placing a sports wager.

We also detail the different methods available for placing wagers, such as using casino sportsbooks and online betting sites. A proper understanding of odds is absolutely vital. This article explains odds in detail, looking at how they work and the different formats they come in. It helps to know the techniques that bookmakers use to ensure their profits.

This article fully explains the advantages they have over their customers. Value is an important concept in sports betting. Here we explain why, and also discuss the relationship between value and probability. This is a must read article. This selection of fairly simple tips has been compiled specifically to help beginners form good habits from the moment they start betting: All beginners make mistakes when they first start betting on sports.

This is natural, and part of the learning process. This article will help you avoid some of the most basic mistakes though. Many of the words and phrases used in sports betting are entirely self-explanatory. Some are not though. This glossary explains them all, and is a useful reference tool. This is an overview of all the different types of sports wagers.

It features brief explanations of each one, with links to additional information where appropriate. There are a few more articles we've written for beginners too. These are listed below, and each one covers an alternative to traditional sports betting. You may not have much interest in these, and we don't consider them essential reading. There's definitely some benefit in learning about these alternatives though, especially live betting.

This one of the very best ways to wager on sports in our opinion. This involves placing wagers on sports events while they are taking place, as opposed to before they start. Its great fun, extremely exciting and it offers many excellent opportunities to win money. Exchange betting eliminates the need for bookmakers. Wagers are struck on a peer-to-peer basis, at agreed odds and stakes. This opens up new possibilities, and can be very profitable. This is one of the more complex ways to bet on sports.

Not to be confused with the point spread, it's very risky but comes with the potential for big returns. Daily fantasy sports, or DFS, is not really betting at all. It does involve putting your sports knowledge to the test though, and risking money in exchange for the chance of winning.

We strongly recommend using the internet for placing sports wagers. It's the easiest and most convenient option by quite some distance. It also gives you access to a wide range of betting markets, and consistently competitive odds. Being a beginner in anything can be worrying, especially when money is involved, but don't worry as we only give information on top rated bookmakers.

We only give information on offers that are worthy of betting on. When a major sporting event takes place, be sure we will have the best offers available for it. Are you new to betting and not quite sure which bookmaker to use? It is a tricky one and we do recommend that you sign up to a few to take advantage of different offers and promotions. Click here to visit the latest offers page. Learn how to bet on horse racing and what to look out for As a beginner to betting there are some factors you should be looking out for.

To get you started I have put together my top 18 sports betting tips for beginners I often get asked which bookmaker is the best and for what reason. Now this might seem like a simple enough question, however this The top bookies now offer live streaming of sporting events, a real positive if the event is not on TV or you don't have SKY. We have all been in that situation where our football accumulator has lost by one result, a cheeky couple of quid could have turned into hundreds Beginners Betting Guide was founded in and aims to provide impartial betting advice for newbies to the industry.

All the guides and Articles are written by myself and I have tried to keep the site as current as possible. The site is a hobby of mine and the first website I built. I know it is not as flash as other sites, but I'm sure the information provided can really help.

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