UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor Predictions, Picks and Betting Preview – August 20, 2016

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Diaz easily reversed the takedown with a guillotine-slash-sweep and then took the top position on the ground.

He softened up McGregor with a little ground-n-pound and then sunk in the rear naked choke for the win. This time around, both fighters will have had ample time to prepare for their opponents and manage their weight. Their last fight was strange what with the last minute replacement and weight class change, but we did get to learn a little about how these two fighters fare in different aspects of the game.

Nate Diaz is clearly the better grappler. Conor McGregor is also capable on the ground, but Diaz is simply on a whole different level. However, if McGregor can train specifically for Diaz he is and work on his defensive grappling, he can nullify some of that advantage.

The element of striking in MMA makes it easier to bridge some of the gap between grapplers of different skill levels from a defensive perspective. Things are not as clear-cut when we analyze the standup game.

Many sources plainly state that Conor McGregor is the better striker based on his performance in the first part of round one. In the fight that I watched, Nate Diaz had the advantage in both the grappling and the stand-up. What looks better for McGregor this time around is that he can train just for Nate Diaz and manage his weight better. Conor McGregor is an incredible athlete who can make the changes he needs to come away victorious over anyone.

When you are one apiece you go to the third. However, legitimate health concerns aside, if McGregor wants that fight, Dana will giveth. He now holds a lot more cards than the last time he negotiated with White, and the UFC will have to bend to a lot of his demands. But all of that maneuvering with McGregor pales in comparison to what the UFC will have to deal with when negotiating with Nate Diaz and his crew. It would be surprising if the Stockton native got that kind of moola but he does have an argument to get a significant raise and, yes, maybe another chance to slap Dana White.

Negotiations would have to be smooth sailing for a fight of this magnitude to happen within the time frame of UFC but both camps would be wise to strike when the iron is hot. And the UFC needs the trilogy fight sooner rather than later. This year has been slow in terms of pay-per-view dollars. He would need to show he is healthy and can make pounds in a safe manner, but it is a plausible plan B.

Diaz will charge forward, and he will goad McGregor into doing what he did in the first fight, which is to get into a slugfest. The much more interesting question is whether McGregor will fall for it again. His track record suggests he will. But as the first fight showed, that kind of fight figures to favor Diaz — the bigger, stronger fighter with excellent cardio and a granite chin. Teixeira , 15 KOs and Johnson , 15 KOs are two very heavy-handed fighters who like to stand and exchange punches.

Johnson, though, has the heaviest hands in the entire division. His last four wins have all come via knockout or TKO. Teixeira has the edge in terms of submission skills — he has seven career submission wins, including one against Ovince St.