Cowboys Week 17 scoring drive summaries Eagles Wire. Philadelphia at Dallas 4: Eagles' Carson Wentz report card vs. These teams will close their regular season rivalry out in Week Chiefs at REDSKINS (+3)

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Regular season totals, playoffs not included

It will be tougher than it should be. Philadelphia 24, Tennessee Dallas Cowboys New York Giants: Dallas 26, New York Philadelphia Eagles Dallas Cowboys: Well, here we are. The Eagles and Cowboys will enter this game with identical records of All that said, I think the teams split and homefield advantage is the difference in each game.

Dallas 28, Philadelphia Seattle Seahawks Philadelphia Eagles: The Seahawks are not who we thought they were. Still, this game that looked so scary when the schedule came out suddenly seems very, very winnable.

Philadelphia 31, Seattle Dallas Cowboys Chicago Bears: Chicago 25, Dallas Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles will take control of the division in this one with an inspired performance at home. Philadelphia 39, Dallas Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins: The Eagles are and chasing a first-round bye. No letdown in D. Philadelphia 34, Washington Indianapolis Colts Dallas Cowboys: Indianapolis 33, Dallas Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants: If the Eagles need this game, they can take it.

I think they get it done, go to and earn themselves a first-round bye and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. Philadelphia 24, New York Dallas Cowboys Washington Redskins: An easy win for the Cowboys to lock up an record, which gets them the No. Dallas 32, Washington 7. Return of the Linebacker by Todd Duvall. This may lead to subtle reconciliation issues. Try rendering into a container element created for your app.

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