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Substitute players are listed where they were placed in the batting order in cases such as a double switch , not necessarily in the position of the player they replaced. Players who had an offensive role only are listed by that role: Substitutes who enter for defensive purposes and do not make a plate appearance have their fielding position shown and their batting line score shown as zeros. When a pinch hitter or pinch runner remains in the game, his fielding position is also listed. Some box scores will indent substitutes' names to indicate their spot in the order was the same as the non-indented starter's name above it; others will leave all names left-justified.

Batting statistics are displayed to the right of the names in the lineup. At minimum are shown each batter's at bats , runs, hits, and runs batted in. Some box scores show other player statistics such as home runs , stolen bases , bases on balls , strikeouts , fielding errors, times left on base , home runs, or season batting average. At the bottom of the lineup are the team totals for each category. Additional batting, fielding, and base-running statistics are listed in non-tabular form normally below the batting order summaries:.

Below the batting orders and line score, the pitching summary is listed. Each pitcher used in the game is listed, along with any decision awarded to that pitcher. A pitcher can be credited with a win , a loss , a save , or a hold.

Cumulative totals for pitching decisions are also shown, for either regular season or post-season play. To the right of each pitcher's name are recorded the total innings pitched , hits given up, runs allowed, earned runs allowed, bases on balls issued, and strikeouts made.

More elaborate statistics may also be displayed, such as home runs allowed, pitch count , or the pitcher's cumulative earned run average. Other events not shown in the example but recorded in most box scores include sacrifice hits " S " , triple plays " TP " , balks " BK " , blown saves " BS " , and passed balls " PB ". Many box scores, to save space, do not list any categories where none of that event occurred in the game. Others will list the category followed by " — None".

In a baseball game, the number of plate appearances for each team must be equal to the number of batters put out, scored, and left on base. A box score is in balance or proved when the total of the team's times at bat, bases on balls received, hit batters, sacrifice bunts, sacrifice flies and batters awarded first base because of interference or obstruction equals the total of that team's runs, players left on base and the opposing team's putouts.

A gut-punch loss turns into a celebration at Wrigley. Given that the rival Brewers and Cardinals both lost on Wednesday, that was indeed a huge blow struck by Heyward. The Halos edged the Royals on Wednesday night for their fourth win in a row. Justin Upton and Ian Kinsler each homered. The bad news, though, is that right-hander Shohei Ohtani was forced to leave because of what turned out to be blister issues.

On the upside, Ohtani has dealt with blister issues before this season. On April 17, he was forced out early from a start against the Red Sox, but he was able to make his next scheduled start. On Wednesday night, Ohtani walked three in four innings and spotted just 33 of his 63 pitches for strikes but struck out four and allowed only one run.

On the season, Ohtani on the mound has a 3. The Mariners came into this one with a five-game win streak, while host Houston had a modest three-game losing streak. Going into the bottom of the seventh, the Astros trailed by a run, and thus were in danger of perpetuating those trends.

The champs, though, broke through for four runs, which provided the margin you see above. As it turns out, getting the win occasioned some history for Colon …. Gyorko became the first Redbird position player to pitch in a game since Ruben Tejada on May 20, Realmuto, and Lewis Brinson, who combined for 14 hits on the night.

Speaking of Brinson, here he is hitting his second homer of the night. The Rockies beat the Reds on Wednesday night in Cincy. But to score the most combined runs in the history of the American League?

Well, that would be classified as surprising. The Red Sox jumped out to a first inning lead, only to find themselves down going into the bottom of the seventh. Boston rallied in the seventh and eighth for a victory that was as thrilling as it was high scoring. It was a first of a three game series for the clubs.

The Red Sox would sweep, tacking on 18 more combined runs in the next two games. Fifty-eight years earlier they had also been in contest that yielded 36 runs. While that furious scoring pace subsided, both teams kept adding on runs and the game ended with a Boston victory.