MLB 15 The Show Analog Hitting Guide

How To Beat Cover 3. They help with you literally everything in the game. Sometimes I win games due to patience alone. Get three double plays in one game. Twinfinite

2. When’s the Right Time to Autoplay?

1. The Art of Swinging

To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes. PitchersWhoRake Hit a home run with a pitcher.

Platinum A One, A Two Get three double plays in one game. Use the new mid-flight cutoff feature while on defense. Excludes Community Challenges mode. Bronze Don't Test Me With any outfielder, throw out a runner at the plate. While batting, hit back-to-back doubles. User cannot switch sides during game. Silver Sorry Kid Catch a foul ball out of the field of play. Silver Straight Paint Complete a full game extra innings included without walking a batter from the opposing team.

Gold The Creative Director Influence a base hit with the directional hitting interface. Submit a cheat for MLB Most Popular Guides on CheatCodes. The only time you should rely on Autoplay is when you have a strong team backing you up. If their team has better players, take your chances at winning by playing the game out yourself. The only players you should focus on improving are the ones with a three to five-star ranking. By the way, you can gain more XP for your player improving efforts simply by doing a trade-in this process involves giving up any inactive players on your team.

Evolved players are capable of raising their max stats even higher as they reach new tiers. These players will always be the best part of your team. Do your best to get some more gold so you can keep them on your team for as long as possible.

Figure out what works best for you and your playstyle so you can decide on what upgrades matter to you the most. After completing an achievement, do it again to grab the next tier of rewards. Another way to amass more cash is by competing in and winning Home Run Battles and Events. It may take a good chunk of change out of your cash currency to pay the entry fee, but the rewards you get for winning them are worth the trouble. You can push that rating up even higher by improving your Sluggers focus on upgrading your top three ranked Sluggers.

But if you want even more Gold like a hundred pieces or more!