Finding the Best Golf Betting Sites of 2018

Reputation and History A good track record says alot about the quality of a site. The only way to locate them is to use one of our recommendations or to look through the actual betting section of the site and see what they offer. You need to be at a website that has all of the betting options laid out well, the odds easy to find, and the process to place a bet simple. ElectraWorks Limited has been granted License No. Ryder Cup Advice for Betting on Golf

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Your second option is to go it alone and scour the corners of the web. To help with both of these options, we have outlined the important criteria for selecting a great golf betting site. Many people have fears and concerns about betting online versus in a brick and mortar setting. This is completely understandable as anything new is always scary, and there is an adjustment period to get you to be able to trust it. The fact is, though, there are sites out there that have their processes and operations dialed in and provide an experience just as safe as walking into your local casino or sportsbook to bet.

The key is making sure that you are placing your bets at one of these sites. To find these sites, we look at a whole host of different factors to reach our determination. We look at their company history, industry reputation, history of complaints, payment processors, licensing and regulation, corporate staff, and anything else we can find to help us reach our conclusion.

If anything raises even the hint of a red flag, they are a no-go from us. Golf is a great sport in that there are a ton of different prop bets that are sometimes available. These can be fun bets like how many holes in ones in a tournament or bets that require skill to pick like where the cut line will be.

The point is that you have a lot of options, but not all of these options are going to be offered on every site. Some sites will only offer you the ability to pick winners, and some sites will offer you this extended betting flexibility. In the rare chance that you want to bet bigger, though, there are options.

Most sites will allow you to raise the limits they have posted if you contact them. Again, though, the limits are already very high on most sites, so this will probably not affect anyone reading this. We all know that the course layout is one of the most important factors of a golf course. In our guide to the best golf betting sites, we're going to provide you with all of the tools and resources that you need to find the perfect sports betting website for you to do all of your golf betting.

In the sections below, we'll provide you with recommended sites and the reasons we picked them, frequently asked questions, and tons of resource guides on all kinds of betting-related topics. To help get you started, we've rounded up our top picks for the best golf betting sites. If you don't currently have a home for your online golf wagers, you'll be in good hands at any one of these websites.

To view information on how we selected these sites as the top ones out there, check out the next section. Understandably, not all of you are going to be ready to get started right this second with choosing a golf betting site.

For those of you that are in that boat, keep reading below. This page has lots more information and guidance for you.

Whenever you're ready to start betting on golf online, you can come back to this section to find the site that's right for you. If you're wondering why you should take our word for the suggested sites above, we wanted to give you some extra color.

As you'll see from the explanation below, we don't take our site reviews or suggestions lightly. Before we go any further, we should also point out that we've not been paid by any of these sites to make these recommendations. We make sure that we never take money for suggestions so that we can remain independent to bring you honest feedback. Our goal is to help you find the best online casino for you. To help you visualize everything that goes into our recommendations, we've developed the infographic below.

Using it, you can quickly see the ten criteria that we carefully inspect for any online casino. If you'd like to learn more about any one of these criteria and what we search for, click on that portion of the infographic, and you'll be taken to a section with more detail on what we seek in these online casinos.

If you're looking to bet on golf, then it's vital for you to locate a site that has excellent coverage of golf wagers. Instead of you sorting through different websites, we've saved you the time by doing the homework for you. The sportsbooks on our recommended sites list above all have a vast selection of golf-related wagers so that you'll be able to place the bet that you want without needing to look elsewhere. We've checked all of our recommended sites against the other online casinos out there to make sure that the lines they offer are competitive.

While there are always variations between sites, we've checked to make sure that these sites are competitive more often than not.

If you select any one of our recommended websites, then you'll be getting yourself some of the best lines in the sports betting site realm.

Anytime that you're betting with your hard-earned cash, you'll want to know that it is safe. The same goes for your private data such as your banking details and contact information. We've analyzed each of our recommended sites to make sure that they have some of the best safety and security in the online sportsbook industry.

If you select any one of the websites above, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that your funds and private information are secure. In the online sportsbook industry, there are plenty of websites that don't have the best history and reputation.

While we understand that no one is perfect, we also care that you end up on a site that has a quality track record. For each of our websites suggested above, we've made sure that they're in good shape currently and that any issues that have popped up in the past have been corrected. It's vital that online sportsbooks have a number of quality banking methods so that clients can easily move their cash onto and off of a site.

For each one of our suggested golf betting sites above, you'll find a broad set of banking options for deposits and withdrawals.

Thanks to this, just about everyone should find it easy to move their money around on these websites. No one likes to waste time, and that's especially true when it comes to placing bets. We've personally tested out each one of our recommended sites to make sure that they are easy to use.

Our goal was to make sure that you can quickly find and place all of your sports wagers without getting lost in website menus and searches. If we didn't find a site easy enough to use, then they didn't make the cut as one of our best golf betting sites. Do you like free money?

Then you should be taking full advantage of all bonus and promotional offers that you can find out there from online sportsbooks. Using these promotions, you can earn upwards of thousands of dollars in bonus cash through welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and more. These promotions are one of our favorite reasons why we like to bet online, and our list of best golf betting sites have some of the top bonuses in the industry.

When you're ready to withdraw some of your money from an online sportsbook, you don't want to have to wait an eternity to get it back into your bank. We've inspected and tested out each of our top recommendations to make sure that they have some of the fastest withdrawal times in the industry.

Unlike with some online sportsbooks out there, you won't be waiting long to see your cash from these trusted sites. Without quality customer service, you'll potentially be in a jam should you ever have an important question or issue while using an online sportsbook.

While many folks overlook this essential component, we never do. All of the sites on our list of recommendations have received top-notch marks in the customer service department. We've tested the service out ourselves to make sure that you're going to have quality help there when you need it most. In today's age, it is critical to us that online sportsbooks give their clients the ability to bet on a mobile device.

While not all clients use this functionality, many do. Because of this, we made sure that each site on our top list of golf betting sites is mobile-friendly. That means that you'll be able to place golf wagers from your phone or tablet conveniently should you decide that's how you'd like to get them in.

In this section, we'll provide you with some high-level information on the most common golf wagers. While this list isn't all-inclusive, it covers the majority of what most people wager with when it comes to golf. The following offer is on your requested bet:.

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