Retrieved from " https: Be alert, even if you are winning with a point lead, the game could easily turn around with a good server. Morgan after the invention of basketball only four years before. Timeline of Significant Volleyball Events

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Over the years that followed, it became clear that standard rules were needed for tournament play, and thus the USVBA United States Volleyball Association was formed in Two years later, the first two-man beach volleyball game was played, though the professional side of the sport did not emerge until much later.

Not surprisingly, the first beach volleyball association appeared in California , and the professional players united under the auspices of the AVP American Volleyball Professionals in During the Los Angeles Olympics, American men and women took gold and silver medals in indoor volleyball competitions. Four years later at the Olympics in Korea, the men once again scored gold. Starting in , two-man beach volleyball was officially introduced to the Olympics.

Today, there are more than million volleyball players worldwide, 46 million of them in the U. In , in the Philippines, an offensive style of passing the ball in a high trajectory to be struck by another player the set and spike were introduced. Twenty-seven teams from 11 states were represented.

Open was staged, as the field was open to non-YMCA squads. Volleyball Association as the official national governing body in the U. In , the U. The men won the gold, and the women the silver. Make sure that your last stride is a long and powerful one. By jumping straight up, you will be less likely to get stuck. Make sure you are swinging your arms back as you plant your feet, and bring your arms forward as you lift from the ground. So if you are a righty, use your right leg for the stride and use your left to close as you plant to jump.

If you are a lefty, reverse this. As you throw your hands upward, be sure to keep your eyes on the ball! Doing this allows you to hit the angle straight on, but still giving you the option to hit the ball down the line. This will allow you to hit the ball straight or at an angle. Ideally, you want to make contact with the ball roughly 6 inches from your body. Make sure it is behind your head, and as you swing forward, extend your arm upward.

You want to make contact with the ball as high as you can. By doing this, you will drive the ball down the court and are less likely to hit the ball out of bounds. By doing this, you disguise your shot and gives you the option to trick the opponent by allowing yourself the choice to swing hard or shoot a soft shot.

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