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Darts is a very common English pastime. It involves the hand launching of sharp projectiles at a wall-mounted target from a distance of approximately 8 feet. The circular target dart board is divided into twenty radial segments with basic point values ranging from 1 to 20 points. In addition, there are two narrow annular rings, one at the edge of the board the "double" ; a dart landing in this region scores double the segment value, and a "triple" ring which runs around the middle of the segments scoring three times the basic segment value.

Finally, at the center of the board are two scoring regions the "Bullseye". The very center "inner bull" scoring 50 points, and the ring outside the "outer bull" scoring The image to the left is picture of a regulation dartboard, as created by Brian Gamlin in As you can see, the numbers are arranged in a pattern designed to penalize inaccuracy, with high scoring segments placed adjacent to lower scoring regions.

This is achieved be successfully hitting the triple This, however, is not as easy as it sounds. In percentage terms, this represents less than 0. Hitting the triple 20 consistently takes a considerable amount of skill after all, this is the equivalent of hitting an area less than the size of a postage stamp from eight feet away. Even professional players are not able to hit this region all the time, and the point penalty for inaccuracy can be severe with the low scoring regions of 5 and 1 being immediately on either side.

What is the optimal strategy? Where should a player aim in order to obtain the highest expected outcome over many throws? Should they aim for the triple 20, with a big payout on a success, but a low score from a miss? Or, should they aim for the bullseye? Alternatively, is there some other optimal location on the board they can aim for that, whilst not the highest scoring region, has a large exapnse of middle of the road point values. Would aiming for this region, even with an inaccurate shot, get a reasonable number of points such that, on average, the expected score is the highest that can be achieved?

The optimal strategy for aiming depends on your skill as darts player. A very skillful player should aim for the middle of the triple 20; Much of the time he will hit his target, and the times he misses will be few enough that his average score will still be high.

A very poor player should aim close to the bullseye, as just hitting the board will be an achievement and a scoring one at that!

Aiming for the center maximizes the chances of hitting something. The draw for the main round was made live on Sky Sports News on 27 November This table shows the number of players by country in the World Championship, the total number including the preliminary round. Twenty-four countries were represented in the World Championship, two more than in the previous championship. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If insufficient players hold a position of the Order of Merit, the PDC will select which players are placed in to which round at the discretion of its board of Directors.

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