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I just want to know how to block punches for self defense. That's the double slip portion of the technique and it is obviously good against combinations. This last part is important. Boxing For Beginners Advice

Shadowboxing (Raw Speed Training)

Boxing Training

Do not forget you should exhale when you punch. The right breathing technique while training is crucial to have energy for the whole workout. Plus, you can handle the body hits reaching you better as well. If you are totally out of breath, inform your trainer and have time to calm down.

Many beginners look on the floor while they punch the bag or spare. How do you know where your opponent is and what he is doing if you cannot see him? As with all other sports, you should start slowly and increase the length and hardness of your boxing training gradually.

If you push yourself to the limit from the first days, you will get tired fast both mentally and physically. Your body and mind need time to get used to this type of workout.

You do not want to quit after a month, do you? No matter if you hit the punching bag or fight with someone always keep the proper stance. This state will help you to throw more powerful punches and support the defense. Also, it provides better stability, flexibility, mobility and balance. If you watch a match, you can see fighters lowering their arms, but since you are a beginner, you should not do that yet. Always keep your hands high and your elbows low, close to your body.

Keep this position even if you punch a heavy bag. Also, keep your chin down. If you spare with someone or you punch a heavy bag keep hitting no matter what. Your opponent should know you are a not a quieter. In the ring, there is no time to lose your focus.

Your opponent waits for that one second when you do not focus to knock you out. When you hit the bag imagine you are fighting with someone, and keep focusing as if you are in a real fight. Do not only train for hitting the head. Hit the body of your opponent from every angle. As it is said,. If you always throw the same punches and combos, your opponent will quickly find the way to protect himself and find your weaknesses.

So, keep them guessing. This way he will also get tired in mind sooner or later and lose his focus. Good footwork is vital for defensive and offensive reasons. It is as important as the correct ways to punch. During sparring or heavy bag training always move but keep the proper boxing form. Have your ever seen fighters standing in front of each other during the who match?

It is one of the most important boxing techniques for beginners that you have to learn. I have tried several sports in my life, but none of them makes me so excited as boxing. Loose, relaxed muscles have the potential to move faster. Make sure you have good stretching sessions and take your time in warming up your muscles. Many of the fastest fighters I have ever met also happened to be the most flexible people I know. I wrote an article on the importance of flexibility for boxing. For the record, you should be stretching a MINIMUM of minutes before each workout and then also another minutes at the end of the day.

Professional boxers, and perhaps all elite athletes, typically do at least double that. Relax the mind, concentrate and stay focused, but be aware of everything around you. Try to focus on the entire combination or the entire flurry. Oh and one more thing.

Have some variation and focus on one thing each day and not everything everyday. Technically speaking, the right cross and straight right are the same punch. The only difference is strategic purpose. Im from the philippine. Thanks so much Johnny for this informative, practical and easy to understand article. Thanks This is fantastic stuff. Everyone — thank you for the comments!

It was a weekend well spent. Den — Thank you!!! Please let me know when you write it. Could you also please share some dietary advice?

I have also seen training clips of Floyd Mayweather using them. Also, are dips better than push ups? If so, please reply with proper pull up and dips methods and routines. Both exercises target a different angle of the body and different muscles in different ways. I would use both. The push-ups target more shoulders whereas the dips target more lats, triceps, and lower chest. Both are great exercises. I would greatly appreciate a tutorial about using the double-end bag too.

I am reading all these tips and comments and fully intend to make the most of my training using them. Thx Johnny for spending the time to help us all out. Hi, Is there a reason there is not a single number 4 [right hook] in your shadow boxing drill list? For some reason right hook is very rarely mentioned in my gym too…. Paul — the right hook is used in specific situations. In most cases, you can throw a right hand with a slight arc, simulating an overhand right during your shadowboxing.

The right hook can be used as a right uppercut or as an overhand right. Feel free to practice it and substitute it with the 2 when you want. Great Article This has helped me so much! These tips are definitely going to benefit my boxing training.

In fact, it has! The writing is ready, I just need pictures and video! I use to be Army Reserve! Hand speed workouts hey im trying to get my hand speed up while sparring my coach is getting on me about my hand speed i hit the speed bag and shadowbox but ive heard about shadowboxing with 5 pound weights and throwing punches in a pool wat is your take on this?

The big risk is injuring your wrist. The exercises I suggested above are proven to work. Bad idea because the weights can injure your wrists. Jumping rope will increase your punching speed as well as your power. This is the best boxing site on the planet! I figured when i do first 15sec i am really fast, but in second or third high intensity interval my speed slows down. If i take 15sec brake, is it ok if i turn around the bag, slip imaginary punches, do footwork and stuff?

The 15 second break is what allows you to train at a more intense pace. Challenge yourself but not to the point that you are effective. You are training to win…not training to get tired!

Also in some of his other shadowboxing videos he seems to do lots of little bounces while shadowboxing to move around instead of orthodox footwork? Is this something you would recommend? There are many ways to shadowbox. Basically, you move around without lifting your hips.

I have a guide on how to throw a shoeshine combination that shows you the basics of this footwork. I tried to do this in June and within a couple of weeks doing it, I suffered wither a torn or bruised ligament in my left shoulder.

I could not even lift my arm to shampoo my head for at least 4 weeks. I think it was the shadowboxing with weights with me fully extending my punches. Either that or I was doing an incomplete warmup. Should I fake right hands upstairs or Shoeshine the body whilest throwing snapping jabs to the head. Hope to hear from you soon. Great articles that have helped me enormously.

Will you be doing an article on double-end bag routines?.. I prefer without gloves and only handwraps if anything. Look at the pros, they do fast shadowboxing without weights or gloves or anything. I wanted to ask what makes hand speed? Your handspeed comes from relaxation and muscle memory. Muscle performance helps too but relaxing makes it much easier to move quickly without using much energy.

I doubt your lost your handspeed. Damage to your elbow and ligaments may be possible but they are only impeding your speed if you notice pain or something awkward during the movement. Many guys in my club have had issues with their elbows and shoulders, I noticed a correlation between the injured members and the way they shadow box.

Do you have an opinion on this, seeing as you are obviously a fan of the speed shadow boxing? I agree with your trainer.

You do this by not fully loading your body weight behind the punch. You keep the power low but not fully contracting your core on the punch. Maybe you can even leave it relaxed as you throw fast punches. You have to warm up the muscles AND the joints. It helps develop the back side of your body because you have to recover your hand.

Just recently I was sparring my one coach while the other coach danced around the ring giving me advice, and when I worked my opponent into the corner I was told to unload with the Shoeshine combo until he tried to escape, then clobber him. The next week when I worked the mitts, my coach was shocked at my sudden, and drastic improvement. I feel faster, more powerful, and definetly more confident, but after a few rounds I can definetly feel some soreness in my back from all the torquing.

I was working out with the double-end bag awhile ago and my coach filmed this video: Can you give me some feedback and tell me where i need more improvement? You have good balance and control which I like. Woh Johny your articles are awesome……….

Wow I, came across this site via a youtube link from a Mayweather vid a couple of days back and have been reading all the posts. Johnny you are a legend! One thing me and my trainer are working on is switching the angles after throwing a combo to give the illusion of more speed. Anything you Johnny can add?

When you are punching as quickly as you can, as Manny is doing in the video you refence above, how is your footwork supposed to differ? Clearly, Manny is not shifting his weight between feet the same way he would be doing on full punches where he would extend his arm all the way. Using 12 as a simple example, when you throw a 12, your weight shifts forward a but on the jab, then your back foot drives the 2 shifting weight forward again.

I always thought the punch mechanics should be e same no matter what the speed but he video makes me question that. And see which is more effective and what situations. Keep opening your mind. Yes, that is the obvious discovery. Opening my mind is not helpful advice. Obviously, to try to emulate it. So again, what exactly is he doing?

Open your mind, LOL, gee thanks. What Manny Pacquiao is doing is not so different from what all the other trained fighters are doing. They are standing grounded on two-legs and NOT shifting weight with every punch. Their weight stays in the middle and they just ground themselves with both legs and rotate their bodies in the middle. The reason why he looks so different from say a beginner is because beginners are shifting their weight back and forth between their feet.

Which tilts their balance back and forth and makes them slower. The technique Manny is using is not exactly a technique.

Its an open fluid movement without the concern for power or leverage. Once your form is mastered, you can began to evolve away from strict rigid punching techniques.

Its more of a warm up drill. However, as you concentrate on the speed of each punch, you select a punch here or there which you will deliver with a full, powerful movement. This technique transcends traditional punching movements and allows you to confuse and probe your opponents defense until the opprotunity for a full punch can be effectively delivered.

Doing this will develop not only your hand speed, but will increase the fluid transition between each punch. Do not concentrate on achieving a full extension on every punch but ensure you have a full retraction between each punch back to your neutral, natural fighting stance.

My trainer told me to just focus on my technique instead of speed, because when you improve your technique it will improve your speed. Do you think different about this matter? Your trainer is right.

Get your technique straight and your power and speed improves naturally and properly. When training speed sparring or back work is there tension in your arms or is it from rotation and lwering body balance and tight fist? My may concern is the shoulder forearm bicep tricep and lats tightened at all. I was wondering about the intensity and amount of punches that should be thrown for the shadowboxing drills.

Should I be punching as fast as I can until I start to tire and then take or short break or throw a combination quickly and then move a bit and throw another combination? Ideally, should it look like Manny?

IThanks for all the time and effort you put into this site. In regards to shadowboxing, do what you can and then improve on it.

The matter of intensity is a hard question to answer. Also try different varieties. At the very least, you should be doing enough that it feels natural. I have been watching your videos for 3 weeks now, and I have learnt so much from them. Given it all up for this fight I am doing 20 mins skipping 20 mins shadow boxing with 2. I do this all at around 8am.

I then train in the boxing gym at pm in the evenings too. I have only been training a week now and there is 2 weeks left. If you do want to fight, then do it. If I train with resistancebands, will my speed and explosivess approve for like permanently. For example, If I do these exercises every friday and wednesday, will I be faster than I was 4 weeks ago?

Or is it like that the exercise only improves my speed for a short period of time. Hi I have not long started boxing.. Thus slowing you down long term and causing potential faulty movement patterns. Now isometric punch holds in the start and midway points as well as the end of the punch followed by medicine ball punches mimicking the technique perfectly via a lbs bouncing medicine ball are great speed builders or isometric holds for straight punches or any punches for that followed by plyometrics of any kind stimulating the same muscles via medicine ball hooks or slider throws, woodchopper passes etc.

Are all great for explosiveness. Or you could do away with the medicine ball and use good old fashioned plyo-pushups from beginner to advance triple clap pushups, flying superman pushups, aztec pushups, Muy Thai clap pushups, combination plyo-pushups etc.

Are all excellent for building fast twitch muscle fibers and explosiveness. Make you lightening fast when structured into a program right. Isometrics can be trained for time in other areas; such as structured weighted support work or increasing strength via leverage using calisthenics or gymnastic holds or v-sits, planche, manna, handstands etc.

Great read and information though just dropping my thoughts. I look forward to using these drills to help increase my punching speed as it correlates to my MMA training. I am a boxing coach and find your information very useful, please feel free to like out gym on Facebook, warriors gym, any info you can give will be great,. How can I do Beginning of my training. I am not able to do jump rope well. How much I should jog daily. How can I punch punching bag.

I was like u but now i see myself improve within few months. Dave, can I ask you why all the top pros are shadowboxing then?