How to Improve Boxing Footwork

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A stiff upper body and core means you're holding too much tension. Throughout a fight, that can waste energy you desperately need, and have your footwork come across as awkward. Work on keeping your entire body in-sync from your head to your feet. Practice is the key to learning anything right. One of the best ways you can practice your footwork is to have the right training partner to practice with.

This is not about throwing punches or trying to win a match. Instead, this training should be all about footwork. Get a partner that can switch up boxing styles , for instance. This way, you're forced to practice a variety of footwork techniques that can spring up in any given match.

You'll learn the difference between going after a fighter that stays away and learning how to evade one that rushes in. Getting tired during a match is perhaps the worst thing that can happen. You know you need to improve your leg endurance if your legs feel as though they've turned to jelly after just a couple of rounds.

Exercises to improve your endurance can differ to the ones that enhance your boxing footwork technique in general. Stamina training is more about how long you last rather than how hard you work.

Below is a quick list of a few workouts you can utilize:. Shadow boxing is something we see just about all boxers do. It's beneficial all around, especially concerning footwork. Mostly, this type of training helps with the mind more than anything as you don't have an opponent to work off of or any equipment to build any real strength. What shadow boxing can do for your footwork is help you put more emphasis on your movement.

Utilize a mirror when you do it so you can see for yourself how your feet move, whether you maintain a proper stance throughout, etc. Since you lack a partner, it's important to keep in mind a visualization of one so that you don't get sloppy in your footwork. You've heard that footwork is crucial in boxing? You will find practical guidance on how you can hone your technique. Check out top 10 boxing footwork tips to help you get on your way.

Start with the Right Stance 2. The Right Shoes for the Right Job 3. Remember to Pivot 4. Keep up Your Exercises 5. Nail the Basic Movements 6. Relax Your Upper Body 8. Have a Good Training Partner 9. Build Leg Endurance Having a good boxing stance so that your footwork is successful can be done by remembering a few key points: Stand tall, not bent forwards or backward. This way, you'll have greater weight distribution and balance throughout.

It also gives you better mobility. Remember to stay on the balls of your feet so you can move faster. Keep your weight equally distributed here as well. Make sure that your feet remain a bit over a shoulder width apart. Your knees should be bent slightly. Doing this can help you achieve greater agility.

The Right Shoes for the Right Job. To start, boxing shoes give you far greater support than other types of shoes. The pivot is one of the most versatile footwork techniques a boxer can have in their arsenal. Keep up Your Exercises.

Here are a few common exercises to try out: Use a large square box, around in. There are several ways to perform this exercise.

You can jump over it from left to right, or you can do repetitions of 10 or 20 jumping back-to-front or front-to-back. All you need is a simple workout ladder. Move through it quickly while touching down with just the balls of your feet. You can switch up the patterns every now and again such as side-stepping, touching each space once, touching each foot twice in one space, etc.

This traditional exercise helps with numerous of things from coordination, balance, and timing. Boxing footwork techniques and training to help you slide, pivot, and move around the ring with more control. There will be many boxing foot drills and exercises to improve your balance, speed, power, and efficiency through better fighting footwork! Honestly, this is what gives me knockout power, incredible balance, and swift footwork. The ability to push guys around that outweigh me by 40lbs.

And just as it did for me, I hope that this opens the door to ruthless balance and power for all of you. Either you are on that level of understanding or you are not. And float he did. Very few could move as effortlessly and poetically as he did.

Beyond the flowing grace and elegance of his movements, with the incredible balance, power, speed, and stability. How were his footwork techniques different from everyone else?

Click to read more…. Develop a slick explosive footwork for fighting.