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Twins pitchers through the first five innings but back-to-back home runs in the sixth put the Royals ahead. Carpenter's four doubles tied the franchise record set by Joe "Ducky" Medwick on Aug. Replacing React-rendered children with a new root component. Beckham's homer was the big blow in a four-run third inning that gave the Orioles an early lead. Junior defensive back Jeremy Zuniga of Chaminade might want to become a magician after he somehow came up with a fourth-quarter interception on Thursday night in a loss to Oaks Christian. Top 12 Players

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Aug 17, Jeremy Zuniga of Chaminade does magic trick with interception. Aug 15, 7: Aug 15, 4: Chaminade kicks off football season. Aug 15, 3: LA36 to televise 11 City Section football games. LA36 will televise seven City Section football games this season. Aug 14, Every game played by the Cincinnati Reds in Every box score of every game where Babe Ruth hit a home run.

Every World Series game. If you want to receive a digital box score. You must pay via PayPa l, indicate clearly the box you want in your payment note and a high-resolution scan of the box will be sent upon receipt. The email for payment via PayPal is: Sean Holtz, Webmaster www. The box score you receive might be from The Sporting News , The New York Times , a red or green book, or even a digitally reproduced version. Did you know that the box score was "invented" by Henry Chadwick and first appeared in print in an issue of the New York Clipper?

Hosted by Hosting 4 Less. Part of the Baseball Almanac family: History All-Star Game A. ThomasPannone on the mo… twitter. Aaron Boone on Aaron Judge: The Yankees won't be sending Judge to Tampa for any work. He'll stay in New York, and will hit off a high-velocity pitching machine today. Mike Trout year-to-year OBP in his career: When there's a minute break in the PPV action and the Rockies are in a divisional race. Aaron Boone on the Yankees in the tightening wild-card race with Oakland, that could be at 0.