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Still looking for good odds in my list of sportbooks accounts. Time to make a comeback. My home internet server still down. At cyber cafe now. Just able to bet through gamebookers WAP site through handphone. Couldn't come online yesterday. Was on Santoro, Martinez and Taylor Dent. Sound unbelieveable but i do have the screenshot to prove. Today will be on Martinez and Santoro. No time for explaination. Dear readers, Currently in a cyber cafe now. Was very disappointed with yesterday result not because I didn't have the chance to plce bets and post picks over here.

Yesterday, I couldn't come online not because of some server problem. When it matter most, I lost the chance to win. Of course not all my picks won but overall calculation on yesterday, I would have won.

The feeling just suck! I know it is useless for me to say anything now. However, I will still continue to post my picks on here. I hope you will recommend my site to all your friends and countrymate since it is a service offered for you. With his slicing and spining of the ball when returning would sure prove too difficult for Johannson whom weapon is on his big forehand and huge serve. For today, I am on Gaudio and Enqvist. No time for explaination but I did analyse thoroughly on the cyber cafe before I placed on them.

Dear readers, I will continue to post my picks as long as I am betting. I received a no. I will answer here again here as I find the question being asked is quite common. One is how come I do not have a better staking system. To answer, I will say that each of us will use different betting system and for me, I use a flat betting system. I will update my staking and picks record once a week. Another comment is that my english used is poor. In my country, english isn't the main languge but as a international languge, I will use english in this site so as to make it accessible for all users worldwide to read.

I hope you will understand about it. My english isn't that good so forgive my grammer and vocabulary mistakes I have make. Another is "how good are you exactly in tennis betting"? Firstly, I have training tennis since young and now still playing regularly so, I know what is it bout in the tennis world like which court suit best for this and that player and the comparsion of both players that will have the upper advantage in playing..

Readers kindly put my site into your favourites list as I will be adding new picks as time goes. I hope readers here who have make a profit in betting or for a good gesture, will donate money to my accounts at gamebookers or moneybookers at j4sonz gmail.

I will continue to post my picks here and let the readers to decide whether to follow or not: All the best and good luck to your betting. Keep it short this time. I would definately ride on Delgado for this match. No question no doubts. Delgado has done very well in the qualifying round defeating home player Alex Bogolomov and great player like Ascione. They have never meet each other in their career before.

Delgado to win at odds of 2 gamebookers-LOST. I will be on Horna this time. Horna has not been starting well in this season. He played in the Australian Open and lost in the first round to Ljublic. But, during the match, Horna won on his serve percentage is 85 percent and above but still lost the match due to the form Ljublic has been in since the starting of the season till now, beating Roddick to help his country progress to the next round of Davis Cup.

Horna has a huge serve and he is a lefty with very good return would prove much harder for Nieminen to crack and I know he can play well on hard court too beside clay court. He does not have the weapon to defeat aspiring Horna who has to start playing well and go as far as possible which I know he wanted and he can. Somemore, H2H lead towards Horna with record. Everything simply point to a Horna win: I will be on Muller for this match.

Muller a lefty and having great serve with good return. He won against Agassi in the semi final before but he hates to play with counter-punch players like hewitt but Lisnard isn't one. Lisnard with average serve come with only good return managed to win Igor in the qualifying around even though there is few break points chance.

This time, he won't be so lucky again when he will be playing against a big server player with good return.. H2H is with Muller winning the latest one. Muller to win at odds of 1. Beck has done excellent for his country in the Davis Cup and is everyone hero in his country. Firstly, the switch from indoor carpet to outdoor hard court and from his country to US for this tournament, will not be that easy as what it seem for. Enqvist got a new coach in this season and it seem to be paying off now.

He had done great after the Australian Open and didn't involve in the Davis Cup. His last tournament was on the hard court weeks ago and has lot of time to prepare for this big tournament. Enqvist to win at odds of 2 betinternet-WON. Jeff Morrison has a great start in his US Open series after that, he has been falling till now.

Monfils has won the Besancon tournament this year. He has a great starting season winning clay king, Gaudio and lost to Santoro next round partly due to the leg cramp.

After that, he got himself a wild card in Australian Open and done quite well over there. Morrison is the US promising player. He has the tendancy of doing well in US tournament and lost early in other countries tournament. He lost early to Delic earlier. I saw the match and he has MANY break point chance and blew it all.

They have a similar style of playing in my opinion but his motivation is certainly there in this tournament playing his tennis in his highest level and will win against the youngster this time and proceed to the next round. Morrison to win at odds of 2. For the 2 sets, he managed to break back when Monfils served for the match but he got broken when he is supposed to hold his serve.

Utterly Disappointed in him once again. Comparing their style of playing on the court, Santoro has the advantage and will win the match. I see no way of Mello winning this game at all. Mello simply doesn't have the weapons to kill him. Santoro to win at odds of 2. I can understand why Carlsen is the favourite instead of Mayer. Carlsen just won the Memphis tournament 2 weeks ago against Mirnyi which he won as a "underdog" in most match. He has a really really bad starting season losing most of the 1st round.

He lost in the 1st round during the Austrlian Open Major Grand Slam to James Blade mainly he is very sick but he refused to withdraw or retired during the match and get trashed by Blake.

Many who are new to tennis betting may think Mayer is a lousy player But those who have saw how Mayer fared last season would know that he has a really BIG serve on good day and solid return. But, what he LACK is his self belief and confidence. Head to head record is Mayer to win at odds of 2.

This is a last min bet on Paul. He has a good record on US hard court and Minar, he has been poor recently on qualifying round. Only his one Australian tournament, he managed to reach the final.

After that, he has been playing poorly in the qualifying round. Thats explain why he not playing at all after that finalist tournament. Paul Goldstein to win at odds of 2. Few people only heard of Kunitsyn and others think he is a nobody.

I saw him playing in few tournaments last season before. He has a good serve and great forehand and best, wonderful return. He can move easelessly on the court and he like to play on this court. Lisnard plays during the AO and my comment on him is he lost serve easily and luckily mange to break back simply his opponent couldn't hold serve well in the early round. But this time round, Lisnard will find it hard to break down Kunitsyn serve and with Kunitsyn wonderful return, Kunitsyn is the winner!

I Kunitsyn to win at odds of 2. Up one break in the starting set but broken in his service game. Odd is high on Tsonga. Don't forget he won against Carlos Moya before and he demostrate how potential he is with his variety of play. Some may think Moya tank this match to focus in the Davis Cup but I think otherwise.

It air-ed in my cable channel and the fact was Tsonga could cope with Moya play effortlessly and break Moya serveral times in the match and still hold his serve easily. Unfortunately, he lost to in the next round to HT Lee.

It has been a while he ever play in the ATP tournament since then. Thats explains odd doesn't flavour him as Dancevic has been playing since the starting of this season and have a decent record in this season. But, Dancevic will find it hard to play against this hotgun player and lost to him eventually. Tsonga to win at odds of 2. Normally, I dont bet on WTA Qualification round and had actually decided to skip today Tennis match but as I was glancing through, I saw a value match up that I can't possible slip it up.

Fujiwara from Japan, she has done quite OK this season. She has improved herself overall play since last season. As you all know, most of the asian players are mentally strong. She is not excluded as well. Czink has done badly this season but due to her ranking make her the favourite to win in this match up.

I can't see Fujiwara losing this round. Fujiwara R to win at odds of 2. I hope you have make a profit following my tennis picks I have given so far since I start my mailinglist.

If you have play a equal stake for each pick, you would have make quite a considerable profit depending on when you start following my picks.

There are still days before there is any tennis tournament coming up. I will continue to post my picks in my blog as regularly as possible. I seldom bet on very low odd tennis as they carry risk with low return unless I am very confident in that match.

During this short rest, I hope you would be kind enough to send a donation to my moneybookers or gamebookers account at j4sonz gmail. Any currency is accepted and the amount you decide: I will be very appreciated of your donation. Best of luck in your betting. Molik - WON C. Dechy - WON N. Wessels - WON S. I recommend my readers to put this site in their favourities list and check it out every now and then to see if there is any new picks available.

Submit your website to search engines! He was the French Open Junior Champion! Against Wessels, it was a tiebreak scoreline throughout the 1st 3 set. He got a back problem and need a Physio during the game VS Chiudinelli.

He won the match mainly due to experience. He did claim after the interview that he's ok after the physio treatment. Resurrance always happen in such case. Schalken is a verteran player. With such problem, it would definately affect his performance adversely. Wawrinka plays well against Wessels but couldn't convert the chance he had in the match. This is a crucial match up. The Swiss choose the type of ground they want and of course, there must be reasons for it!

Wawrinka will give his everything in this match to help his country survive in this match up and the whole crowd will cheer for him! Wawrinka to win at odds of 3. A really sad moment for Wawrinka. He was up with 2 break and with lots of matchpoint in the deciding set and end up losing the match. Schalken with his experience again prove to be the different.

What a match up today. Weseels play a 5 set doubles yesterday and lost despite winning the 1st 2 set. I watched the match and I could see the obvious fatigue Wessels has toward the end of the set. And today, having less than 24 hours of rest, he has to take on Chiudinelli.. Remember what I said about Chiudinelli days ago in my pick?

Read it below and you will know.. The Swiss team create a miracle by coming back from 2 set down to win the doubles match to stay alive in this Davis Cup. Thats show they have the never say die attitude and obviously interested in this Davis Cup tournament. Morever, Chiudinelli has one day rest compared to Weseels.

Chiudinelli to win at odds 2. Weseels retired after 1st set. I am right that he is too fatigued to play and Neitherland proceed to the next round, this match isn't needed and he retired. Those on betfair or other bookmakers which the player retired lost would have win this bet: I have been analysing for today upcoming Davis Cup thats explain the lack of update in this blog.

Among my bookmakers I used, it seem that only betfair opens the doubles match for betting. However, the odds for them in betfair is rather disappointing. Congras to those who have been following since the opening of this blogger..

I will continue to post my picks here to share with everyone. If you have any question or suggestion, you may email to me at jasonz gmail.

Please keep my site updated. I may or may not post pick later on for upcoming Doubles match depending if I could find any good bet later on to place on. Good luck in your betting! What a high odds for M. Further more, with a FULL home advantage cheering for him. Bookie underestimate him because he usually has to play in the qualifying round of ATP tournament due to his ranking.

I have personally seem his playing.