2019 Super Bowl Predictions

The Philadelphia Eagles will start the game with the ball and hope to be the first team to score on the opening possession of the Super Bowl since Devin Hester returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown for Chicago against Indianapolis in the game. Woman who wrote letter accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault steps forward views. Eagles hold slight lead in third quarter Safety Programs

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New England Patriots Brady is seeking his 6th Super Bowl title in his career. The year-old threw for nearly 4, regular season yards and 32 touchdowns. Rob Gronkowski was the top target all season with 69 receptions for the Patriots, but he is currently still questionable for the game with concussion-like symptoms. The running game for the New England Patriots is pretty up and down.

Dion Lewis has been the top running back but looks for guys like James White and Rex Burkhead to get a chance to run the football as well. The defense for New England allowed 75 points in their first two losses, and then picked it up from there. New England allowed Zach Ertz, the tight end was the top target all season.

The tight ends for the Eagles caught the most touchdowns in all of the league. The Patriots run will come to an end at some point, and maybe this is the final one. We are halfway through a preseason that never seems to end. That means that the regular season in the NFL is drawing closer. With every passing day we learn a little more, and our opinions about the strong teams and the challenged ones grow stronger.

It's a good time, then, to look at the Super Bowl futures odds available at Bovada and do one of our regular revisits of our Super Bowl predictions. Agree or disagree as you will - just remain committed to value:. I am getting uneasy about this team. The latest hit to them this offseason was the loss of their first-round pick to injury in training camp.

It feels like the hits are coming often, and the depth is challenged. There are more areas of concern on this team than we have seen for a while now. They could very easily still be as dominant as usual - and their division sure helps them out. But to see this team fall into the nine-win range wouldn't be that much of a surprise to me, either.

They are going to make the playoffs almost for sure, and that's all that really matters, but it is hard for me to get excited about this price in any way at all.

It seems as we have gotten closer to the season that the enthusiasm around this team has dimmed somewhat. I'm not entirely sure why. I really liked the offseason they had, I am a believer in the coaching, and I think they are moving in the right direction with a strong core on both sides of the ball. I really like where the team is at, and they are my top pick without hesitation.

Carson Wentz has not come back quite as seamlessly from his injury as might have been ideal, and Nick Foles has looked awful in his last preseason action. Is this just a little blip along the way or the first signs that defending a title isn't nearly as easy as it might seem? I remain a little lukewarm about the team. I respect them and what they did last year, and the offseason was pretty solid, but defending is really tough, and they don't have a lot of prior playoff experience to draw on to help guide them.

I would buy or hold their stock over the next three to five years, but I would be braced for a bit of a dip in the performance this year. Well, no one hates anyone as much as I hate Marvin Lewis, but you get the idea. He believes that Tomlin represents mediocrity in every way and that he stands in the way of what this team could be accomplishing.