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Odds Portal offers soccer odds comparison and results from over soccer leagues, cups and tournaments. Soccer Betting Odds Comparison Compare soccer betting odds and place your bets with bookmaker that benefits you the most. Lig Red Group 3. Division Grundigligaen women 1. Skrill and Neteller VIP. Primera B Nacional 1. Primera B Metropolitana 1. Primera C Metropolitana 6. Primera D Metropolitana 2. AFC Champions League 4. National Premier Leagues Play Offs 2.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup 1. Vanarama National League Vanarama National League North 1. They usually look like this:. This means that Team 1 is favored to win the match, while Team 2 is the underdog. The numeric values in front of the symbols, refer to the possible profit amount.

It would be calculated like this:. It is fairly simple to calculate, all the bettor needs to remember is the difference between the Favorite and the Underdog. The name is exactly how the odds are represented, in decimal form. There are no extra symbols or tricks to this style of odds. This system is a much simpler and easier to understand that the other two styles of odds.

The way a bettor figures out which team is favored to win is by how low the odds are. The lower the decimal value means that the team has better chances of winning, while the higher the value means that they have less probability of winning. The way these are shown are:.

The way the potential profit is calculated using Decimal odds is the simplest way out of the three types of odds. All the bettor would need to do is multiply the amount they wagered, by the decimal value that is given in front of the team they bet on.

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