Ryan Hall: England winger to leave Leeds Rhinos at end of 2018 season

You stand and wait to see what happens! There are seven backs, numbered 1 to 7. A right handed and right footed winger is likely to play on the right winger and vice versa for left wingers. Go back for more on Rugby positions. Primary Mobile Navigation

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Related Questions Which position is better for me? Whats better rugby league or union? Tips on being a good winger in Rugby? I am 77kg, cm, 15 yrs old and play winger in a senior rugby league team. What's a good workout for me? Would you prefer rugby league without goals? Should QB Drew Brees sign with the broncos? Anyone here going to the NRL grand final? Atheists, would you like to be cultural Christians? Depending on circumstances you must be ready to Sometimes the ball is passed to the wing as quickly as possible.

This usually gives space and the opportunity to use your raw speed to carry the ball past the outside edge of the opposition using raw speed. Watch for three types of kick. The long kick may be an up-and-under or a spiral punt. The third possibility is a line breaking bouncing grubber kick.

In all these situations you would attempt to get to the ball first and take possession, charge down any attempted clearance kick or tackle the ball carrier.

By supporting players and using your skills in sidestepping, swerving and change of pace you prevent the opposition from stopping you, once you get the ball. Your speed will come in handy for chasing after a chip kick that has been put over the opposition backline and needs to be regathered. Watch carefully and you may benefit from a rolling grubber kick. Be ready to swoop in behind the defence and score a try by simply pressing the ball to the ground.

You have to be on your toes to benefit from the skills of others. You may find yourself unmarked if you catch a cutout pass, sieze the opportunity! If you are in line for a pass but the ball carrier successfully sells a dummy you may find yourself being tackled withou the ball. As you can see your role involves a lot of waiting around! Use waiting time well. Rugby wingers have to. Put another way, thinking about other things when you are playing rugby is not a great idea so do it now!

Imagine for a moment. The commentator says "in and out". Get your own sidestep - go to our EvtecHs page. When you are a good winger.. You know when you learn you still have to practice enough but you enjoy it so much because you know you will be good. If you want to be a great wing like Gerald Davies or Jason Robinson follow in their footsteps and sidesteps! Find out about wing player sizes. One skill common to many famous wingers is the the most elusive skill of all.

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