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Anfernee Simons breaks college recruiting model by Holden Walter-Warner. Dino Babers rolled out of Bowling Green to become coach at Syracuse. San Diego State 42, Cincinnati 7. Think picking all the top-seeded teams as the Final Four in your March Madness bracket is your best bet for winning the office pool? Premium Picks

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At the time, he never thought that his research on the dynamics of liquids using statistical physics would one day lead to an algorithm that ranks sports teams. Yet now, more than a decade later, he's running a website devoted to sports analytics based on statistical physics that works much in the same way as Google's PageRank algorithm works for ranking websites.

The visual bracket display shows every team's probability of winning each of its games up to and including the final championship. The team with the highest probability of winning it all is Arizona, at How likely is this prediction to be correct?

To put it in perspective, in , Kentucky had a But Arizona's lower For college basketball enthusiasts who are feverishly working on filling out their brackets this week, The Power Rank's data may provide some helpful statistics and predictions.

Although the Power Rank is one of many sports analytics websites, Feng thinks that it has certain advantages over others that improve the accuracy of its predictions.

One of its biggest advantages is that it adjusts for a team's strength of schedule throughout the year—a feat that involves crunching lots of numbers. It requires simultaneously solving for 2 times teams variables.

The key, he explains, is figuring out what all the "little" interactions between sports teams reveal about the "bigger picture" of the team's overall strength. Statistical physics considers all of these interactions in describing the properties of the drop surface, such as its energy.

These teams or molecules interact by playing games. The statistical physics of our algorithm considers all interactions or games to produce team rankings, which are like the bulk properties of the water drop.

The results of these calculations are then represented by clear visualization that allow anyone to instantly evaluate a game. Up to 10 million entries are allowed. While the offer sounds enticing, Feng and other sports analysts have calculated that the chances of anyone winning the money are very small—depending on how you look at it, anywhere from 1 in billion to 1 in , Well, the publishing model is a bit different…" Explore further: The new sports algorithm, called the But offensive droughts doomed them, which essentially dropped them to a four seed.

Villanova has the best scoring offense in the country, but the Wildcats have had games where their defense has let them down. Will it happen against a hot Mountaineers squad? Madness happens, Elite Eight invaded by lower seeds by Michael Collins. Anfernee Simons breaks college recruiting model by Holden Walter-Warner. WVU must go big to beat Villanova. Busting Brackets 5 months March Madness: Top performers from the Sweet Busting Brackets 5 months Villanova Basketball: Hot shooting carries the Wildcats over West Virginia.

Busting Brackets 6 months Big East Basketball: Conference remains propped up by Villanova. View all March Madness Sites.