Betting NBA Underdogs

Donaghy pled guilty to two financial crimes , served 11 months in federal prison , and was treated for gambling addiction after his release. By Dustin Gouker Legislative Tracker: Here, then, is a fairly concise summary of "the mob" and the NBA betting scandal, based almost exclusively on official records and law enforcement sources. As one person with direct knowledge of the investigation sarcastically notes regarding Donaghy's claim that he was called in for a "mob sit-down" following a lost bet during the scandal: Game winners, old-man dunks and a bat: Donaghy on sports betting

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Select at least one primary interest: Young teams can outperform expectations because so little is expected of them. Young teams that are trying can grind out nice profits. At the start of the season, hoopsrumors. The veteran teams we already discussed were very low on the list Thunder No. The four youngest teams that clearly were playing to win beat the market to the tune of , a profitable 58 percent vs.

The Lakers broke even after vigorish is accounted for. The other three put backers well in the black. This is also fairly obvious, but there are a couple good reasons to give people legal places to bet. And as Donaghy will tell you, not everyone has a friendly bookie. As for who Donaghy likes in the NBA playoffs? I think we can all agree that a match fixer and recovering gambling addict is not a good spokesperson for legalized sports betting.

Still, Donaghy is a good source of knowledge on corruption , and his case speaks to the existence of modern-day organized crime. There will always be people seeking to manipulate sports, and it can be hard to identify issues when the majority of US wagering is done outside of the regulated Nevada sports betting market.

The league now supports cautious legalization of sports betting, but lawyers have consistently warned lawmakers about the risks to integrity. Now that it has happened, you realize with frightening clarity how feasible — and how damning — it would be for referees, umpires, or linesmen to be corrupt, and how lucky the four major professionally sports leagues in our country have been not to have confronted this issue before.

The counterpoint is that the NBA was unable to prevent one of its own officials from undermining that integrity in the past. The Week In Sports Betting: