Delaware Park: Sports betting coming soon

The bookmaker functions as a market maker for sports wagers, most of which have a binary outcome: Pennsylvania also prospectively legalized sports betting last year, but it could be months before regulations are in place that would allow sports books to open. United States Gambling Online. This is the most common type of bet in American sports betting. Crunching the numbers can only tell you so much, as you also must be able to rely on personal intuition and instinct. Is online sports betting legal?

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World Cup ends, Jersey up and running. Will pick up come football kickoff next month but the numbers they brought in July were total garbage. Just found these numbers also. Hold just returned closer to the norm 5. Less futures and parlay wagers it seems. Peolple figuring out single game bets are the only fighting chance you have.

Last edited by topgame85; at Damn I remember topgame from WAY back in the day. Originally Posted by TheLock. Good luck this football season. Originally Posted by topgame Originally Posted by KVB. Offshore books pleased, saying "Please take these penny bettors out of here, we want to trim down our customer service centers. It's a conspiracy casino is rigged. I don't think the numbers mean anything until online gambling is offered, most people aren't going to drive to casinos and sportsbooks to bet when they can bet offshore from their bed and get bonuses and better numbers.

Small US bettors, for these big operations, are a hassle. These guys are depositing and withdrawing sometimes multiple times a week.

The don't want and don't need that. They will take the bigger players that keep the deposits in and they rarely hear from them. Trimming that CS room might end up being better for some books, as they can concentrate on both types of bettors from around the world, but not those small US guys.

Originally Posted by jjgold. Originally Posted by thomorino. I think there real money in it for these States if they did it right. The right way to do it is to have tons of contests, great bonuses and comps, and good lines. They could also offer same day payouts to banks as well. If done right I think there is money there - its just not being done the right way yet. I don't see most State budgets being impacted that much though - states like New Jersey will be broke until they stop letting unions and their pensions run the state into hte ground.

Went to Costa Rica on vacation last year. Officials there have said they hoped to have sports betting when football season kicks off in late summer. The West Virginia Lottery Commission is working on draft rules and regulations but has given no timetable for when those rules might be ready. Once they are written, there would be a day public comment period.

Republican West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice has also said he wants state officials, professional leagues and casinos to reach an agreement on what the leagues have called an "integrity fee" — money that the leagues would use to police betting patterns — but the subject was not addressed in a recent special session of the legislature.

Pennsylvania also prospectively legalized sports betting last year, but it could be months before regulations are in place that would allow sports books to open. State officials have not produced an estimate of what sort of tax revenue the activity could mean for Pennsylvania, which already rakes in more in taxes on casino gambling than any other state. In the meantime, Pennsylvania gaming officials notified casinos last week they could begin applying for licenses.

So far, none has submitted an application. Las Vegas Sun September 17, Currently: