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The spread gives one team an advantage of a few points. What is Reduced Juice Betting? Some bookmakers however have lowered that standard Juice, with the intention of offering more value to the bettors. Why Reduced Juice is Such a Good Thing

Where to Bet With Reduced Juice

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So although Reduced Juice is a better option, there will be a few occasions when the price you receive could be worse on the other side of the market. Obviously when betting on the underdog in the above example, you are getting a very good offer, so there is good and bad in this scenario. Less offers, but is that a bad thing overall…? Reduced Juice Sportsbooks will offer less incentives than those without Reduced Juice, that offer the industry standard lines.

Many normal bookmakers offer large sign on bonuses, along with regular offers to entice new members, and its generally a choice of either scenario below…. There are pros and cons to both offers when deciding what offer to take. For example if you take the Reduced Juice offer with 5Dimes , you are not entitled to any of their other offers, and visa-versa.

Every bet you wager should be of important to you, it is after all your hard earned mony we assume. With sports betting the same rules apply. If you only place bets where you feel that the value is yours, it will be an advantage to your long term bankroll. Bookmakers that offer Reduced Juice will offer higher betting limits than bookmakers offering the standard lines.

I harp on this ad nauseam but it really is that important. If you think about it, how many sports betting strategies can you honestly categorise as both simple and effective? Reduced juice sports betting sites are a perfect fit for this strategy.

That is a major discount and if you consistently take advantage of it, it is mathematically guaranteed that your results will be better. Note that I am not saying that this will turn you into a long-term winner with no other effort on your part, but it will improve your results even if you make no other adjustments in your strategy.

I have also included a couple of betting exchanges in this list because exchanges are very often home to the best lines thanks to the fact that the market sets the odds. We also look at its pros and cons, and compare it to using the bonuses and free bets that are available from any betting sites. For those of you who already understand the concept, we start the article by covering where to bet if you're looking for reduced juice. An account with a specialist reduced juice site is almost essential if you're anything more than the most casual of sports bettors.

It's unlikely you'll want to do ALL of your wagering with such a site though. In any case, there are not many high quality examples of specialist reduced juice sites.

So it's also worth having an account with one or more of the other sites that offer SOME reduced juice lines. You'll understand the reasons why we recommend this approach once you've read the whole of this article. For now, here are top recommendations for reduced juice betting sites.

Let's start with the word juice. You're probably familiar with the term vig, or vigorish, if you've been betting for any length of time. This is a term used to describe the commission that's effectively charged by bookmakers on each and every bet that they take.

Juice is simply an alternative word used to describe the same thing. If you've never heard of vig or juice at all, or really don't understand the terms, then you should read our article on how bookmakers make money before proceeding. It should directly help you to win more money. Or, at the very least, it should help you to lose less. In basic terms, this is what reduced juice betting is all about.

It's simply a way to pay less juice. Let's use an example to illustrate this further. We'll use football, as it's the most popular sport to bet on in the US. As you probably already know, a significant percentage of football betting is done on the point spreads.

The "standard" odds for a point spread are So for a match between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins, you might see a sports betting site offer the following line. Most bettors are used to these odds. A reduced juice betting site, however, might offer the following line for the same game. The odds are better at this site. This might not seem like a big difference, but over a large number of bets it can have a significant impact on your overall profit or loss.

Based on this fact, it should seem fairly obvious that reduced juice betting is a good thing. Don't rush to join a reduced juice betting site just yet though. You should first understand that things are not quite as clear cut as they seem.