EA Sports UFC Cheats & Strategies: 4 Exciting Tips to Fight Your Way to Glory

Understanding how the UFC operates and who the different fighters are is certainly important to be a successful sports bettor. Keep me logged in on this device. My health disappears but his stays while I kick him in the head over and over, can't do anything to win. This is also a great bet if you think that two monsters are going to come out mph and finish each other quickly. He defended his title successfully twice against Joe Soto and Baao again before losing it to Dominick Cruz in January of UFC 2009 Undisputed Cheats, Tips & Hints

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What happened?

Mighty Mouse is a well-rounded fighter; a master of all trades. However, Vass believes that pound for pound, Mighty Mouse will prove too mighty for Cejudo. After Ronda Rousey stopped her winning streak dead in its tracks, Correia is yet to fully recover, suggesting confidence might be fairly low.

Featherweight fighters Cub Swanson and Renato Moicano will meet for a very interesting fight, with each eager to leave a lasting impression on their opponent, and the fans. Cub Swanson is nothing short of a killer, and has proven his mettle against many professional tough guys. That said, Moicano is rangy, with well-demonstrated skills on his back. Vass picks this to turn into a savage slug-fest, with a hefty amount of exchanges.

Fancy yourself a UFC expert? Well, that's probably the quickest way to find yourself staring up at the lights before the Octagon Girls even have a chance to come out for the second round. In a blink, you can be mounted by a striker or tied up by a submission specialist with only mercy standing between you and humiliation. That's why you need to take the Practice Mode and Skill Challenges seriously. Learn the ropes or the cage: Practice mode will let you grind and pound on either static opponents or simplistic foes that put up just enough of a fight to make things interesting.

You shouldn't be hopping online or into a genuinely competitive fight for at least an hour to an hour and a half. If done right, you should be able to comfortably slide into the digital board shorts of any striker, grappler or submission machine on the roster after you've gone through the rigors of Practice Mode. I love the idea of submissions in MMA. The thought of scientifically bending and contorting an opponent's limbs into all manner of acute and obtuse angles appeals to my inner sadist.

However, I am objectively terrible at it in UFC 2. Holding on to a submission for me is like trying to tango with a bar of soap during a rainstorm.

I had to adjust — I had to find something else that worked for me. So what did I do? I headed back into Practice Mode and learned all about takedowns, grappling and grounded strikes. It wasn't how I set out to play, but that adjustment made all the difference. While it's important to work at different strategies, you also have to realize that you might not be meant for certain fighting styles. My game must be broken or something, I kicked him in the head 20 times in the first round, his head is all red but won't go down once.

Am I not supposed to win this fight, this must be a joke or something. I kicked his red head 30 times and nothing happened, he hit me once and I went down. This a game has to be broken, I can't be that bad wow. I think just bad luck. I've annihilated the first guy every time I've done it.

Like disgustingly destroyed them, usually inside the first minute. My health disappears but his stays while I kick him in the head over and over, can't do anything to win. My guy was broken or the opponent was broken, I remade another one and won easily.

Your "health" is actually your stamina. It goes down when you attack, etc. It's encouraging you to take a slower approach to fighting.