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Here are tips on developing a strong mental game to help you through tough matches. Activities near you will have this indicator. I learned the basic rules of tennis the first time. Letakkan buku-buku jari telunjuk dan bagian bawah telapak tangan di bevel kelima pada gagang raket Anda. Tennis Betting Favourites

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So if you serve from the right corner of your side of the court, your opponent will stand in the far left corner from your point of view. Hold your racquet out. Grip the racquet firmly in your dominant hand and hold it out with your arm extended, until the head of the racquet is roughly parallel with your head.

Throw the ball into the air with your opposite hand. Get used to the ball and how it handles before you serve. This counts as a fault, which could give your opponent a point!

Save practice hits for non-game times. Serve the ball towards the service area. Aim towards the section of the service area closes to them. The idea is to force the ball to bounce once before they can return the serve. Run to the opposite back corner and hit the ball back. Immediately after you serve the ball, run to the opposite side of your baseline. Hit the ball firmly with the face of your racquet pointed slightly upward.

Continue until the point is won. The point is only awarded when the ball falls out of play, so keep playing until one of you wins a point! Points can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, but as a beginner, your points will probably be awarded quickly.

Hit an overhead return. An overhead return is a shot where the other player lobs the ball up high over your head, and you aim to slam it down on his side so it's nearly impossible to return. When the ball is almost over your head, slam it down with the racquet over the net, just as you would do with a serve.

Aim towards the opposite side of the court from your opponent. You can also do an overhead serve by performing the same actions while serving. Put topspin on your strokes. Adding topspin to your strokes can help the ball bounce higher and move faster. Don't hit the ball head-on to the center of your racquet like you usually would. Use your racquet to hit the side of the ball. This makes the ball spin in an upward arc instead of moving in a straight path. Learn to slice the ball. Then, immediately bring the racquet forward towards your opponent's side.

This will slow the ball down as it approaches, making your opponent more likely to miss. Learn to play on different surfaces. There are several different kinds of surfaces you can play tennis on, and each can affect your playing speed and abilities. Learning to master tennis on multiple surfaces can help you improve your game significantly. They tend to be good for beginners because the surface allows for more bounces, but they can be hard on players' joints. Clay surfaces are most common in Europe and Latin America, and they tend to make the gameplay slower.

The ball also bounces highest on a clay court. Grass courts are the kind used at Wimbledon. Grass court games tend to be very fast, since the ball bounces less and the player is more likely to miss a serve. If you notice that your opponent likes to strike the ball high with a forehand motion, you can learn to serve them low balls that require a backhand motion. Many players either love or hate playing close to the net. Figure out how your opponent feels about playing near the net.

If they spend most of their time on the baselines, serve the ball close to the net to force them up there. Get to know your opponent's serve. Every player has their own serving style. Study your opponent's mental state. A stressed or upset opponent is a vulnerable opponent.

Learn to play doubles tennis. Doubles tennis has two players on each side instead of one. The big challenge for doubles tennis beginners is to learn how to interact with a teammate. Ask other tennis-playing friends to teach you the best strategies for doubles tennis. One way would be to appear as if you're going to hit the ball in one direction by looking in that direction and then at the last instant hit it in another direction.

Not Helpful 5 Helpful How can I improve my return of the ball, because I hit it wildly into the sky and out of the court?

Tilt your racket down more. You're hitting it up because the strings are facing the sky. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Scoring points does not determine the server. One player serves an entire game. The other player serves the next game. They alternate this way throughout a match. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Consciously stiffen your wrist as you play, stopping now and then to ensure that your wrist is in the proper position.

Over time your wrist will be inclined to stay still. Not Helpful 2 Helpful It is all based on how comfortable you are with the racket.

If the racket works well with you, it is a good one. Are you hitting too many frames? Can you hit a good strong shot without the need for any strenuous effort on your part? Can you smash with the racket without your arm getting sore? Can you hit a nice serve with the right spin? If yes, you have a good racket. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 7. Slice under the ball and push it forward at the same time. This will curve the ball in the same direction you slice.

Not Helpful 13 Helpful In some tournaments ball boys or ball girls will retrieve the ball after it is hit into the net in order to get the ball out of the way and reduce the wait between serves.

It's safer not to have a ball rolling around the court while a point is being played. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Who gets the point if I hit the ball and it touches the net, but my opponent is unable to hit the ball before it touches the ground on their side? You would get the point unless it was a serve. Then you will retake the serve and that is called a let.

Should the serve always be done by throwing the ball in the sky? You can simply hold the ball out with your non-dominant hand and let go just before your racket hits the ball, but it's not as accurate or powerful. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Quick Summary To play tennis, learn about the parts of the tennis court. Did this summary help you? Tips Be patient with yourself as you learn the sport.

People spend a lifetime perfecting their tennis strokes and strategies. Just continue improving your game over time. When you feel confident in your basic skills, find a tennis league in your community. You'll meet people who love the sport as much as you do, and you'll see how you stack up against the competition.

Once you've perfected your basic tennis strokes, you can learn to lob,hit an overhead, and hit volleys. Some opponents will even agree to relax game standards temporarily to help you develop your serving and hitting techniques. Play in sneakers or keds. Ballet flats, heels or flip flops are not suitable for playing tennis.

Warnings If your elbow, forearm, or wrist is sore after playing tennis, put an icepack on the sore spot to ease the pain. Avoid playing for a day or so to give the tendons time to recover. Things You'll Need Tennis court.

Both of these great champions have exceptional records on the hard-court surfaces which is why their games easily adapt to grass. Due to the very short period of the grass season, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which player to bet on. In this case take a look at their form the previous year and also look at their more recent form on the quicker hard-court, as this will give a reasonable indication of their ability on grass. Most of the season is of course played on the hard-court surface.

It makes up the first part of the season from January through until April and then from August until the end of the year, including the Australian Open , the US Open and the season ending World Tour Finals. This can sometimes be a little tougher to call as there are so many exceptional players on this surface. Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and Murray have dominated over the last eight to ten years on the hard-court.

In fact such has been their dominance, that since only five other players have won a Masters event on the hard-court other than these four, and this includes a staggering 39 events. The stats are pretty similar when you look at the Australian and US Open since Only four players other than the big four have won either of these two iconic events, again underlining the difficulty of breaking through this quite brilliant era of players.

As you can see, it's important to develop a tennis betting strategy in order to give yourself the best chance of making successful profits. Many bettors choose to find a tennis betting explained guide to help them with this. At bettingexpert, we have a range of guides available designed to help you create a tennis betting strategy. Discussing the factors on how to be a successful bettor, how to read tennis betting stats, detailed explanations of key tennis betting markets and much more, read our How To Bet On Tennis betting guide.

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