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To get the very best in each category I think you will have to specify the game you are playing. What is the best snooker cue for a beginner that costs below Rs. Those cues might be considered unreliable for the modern game though. What brand of Snooker cue does Ronnie O'Sullivan use and how expensive is the brand? You may also be interested in

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Material - Leather Hardne more Telangana Maharashtra Delhi Cities: Most professionals use anything from 9mm to 10mm. John Higgins uses 9. I use between 9. The cue I have now is perfect for a 9. In my view, the best cue makers in the world are in Thailand. They are so well made — the quality of the workmanship excels anything made in Britain, with the exception of a few bespoke cue makers.

Because of the growth of snooker in Asia, the cue makers there are buying colossal amounts of ash, and they are able to sift the good from the bad. Most of the ash comes from North America. The stable climates of North America tends to produce the best ash, although some of it also comes from Russia, Denmark and a few other places.

A lot of professionals use the same cue for their whole lives, and others suffer if theirs become lost or damaged. Every player can envisage how he wants to the cue ball to move with side spin over distance. You know instinctively if you like a cue. When Hendry was 14, his cue was bought by his father Gordon. It was also very springy. Which just shows that what matters most is finding a cue you like and getting used to it. Young players find it much easier to get used to a cue than seasoned professionals who have spent years getting used to something else.

Even if you feel ok with it in practice, when you play your first match you are very aware that you are using a new cue and that adds extra pressure. Do you get nervous when you fly to overseas events and have to put your cue into the hold?

There have been incidents of players having to borrow a cue to get through the first round — in fact Matthew Stevens used three different cues in his first three matches when he got to the final of the Haikou World Open last season.

Most of us now use ski tubes, mine is endorsed by Lindsay Vonn, which will hold three cue cases, and you can split the cost of excess baggage three ways.

Without them we might see a lot more damage done to cues.