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The good news is that Watson underwent successful surgery to repair his right knee ACL. Fantasy NFL Week 1: This is sure to be a great game regardless of the outcome. Shake-ups start at No. Kick-Off Time for Sunday, September 16 — 1: How Oath and our partners bring you better ad experiences

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Based on the numbers, this game looks like a great opportunity to fade Seattle's "brand value" and make a contrarian pick with the odds in your favor. This game is close to a toss-up, though our models are a bit more optimistic about Cleveland's chances to win than the Vegas line at post time, which was Browns by 1. Perhaps inspired by Indy's near-defeat of 7-point favorite Arizona last week, about 65 percent of pick 'em players are taking the Colts.

If you need to flip a coin on a game, you want to pick the side with the better payoff if you're right. That side is Cleveland this week. If you're looking to take a risk on an upset pick with major upside, your Week 3 play is Buffalo.

If their pick popularity stays so low, though, it makes Buffalo a very high leverage bet. Get it right, you'll gain on nearly all of your opponents. Get it wrong, vice versa. Survivor pools, in which you only pick one team per week, demand much different strategy than pick 'em and confidence pools. Our NFL Survivor Picks product provides customized pick recommendations for all your survivor pools, based on the latest data like Vegas odds and public picking trends.

In Week 3, here are some of the factors you should be considering about the most popular survivor picks of the week so far:. Green Bay home vs. Green Bay's Week 1 and Week 2 results haven't been spectacular, and it feels like the public may be overestimating their chances here, even against the Bengals. However, the Packers also have modestly less future value than New England. New England home vs.

Houston is just a hair behind Green Bay in pick popularity at 28 percent, but at a point spread the Patriots are the most heavily favored team of Week 3 by a significant margin.

That additional safety comes with a price, though, as you're sacrificing a lot if you burn New England this week. Pittsburgh gives you better odds to win, but you're burning a lot more future value if you use a team as good as the Steelers in Week 3. If you're willing to follow the numbers and play to win, there are a couple gems among those much less popular teams.

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