Here, you can set a dozen filters to display players with a specific set of criteria. Put all the points into him. Originally Posted by hazey Does anyone know if the computer uses the rest of your points that you don't use each week? Do Well In High School

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Save before each game and if things start going south reset the game and reload to try again. The higher your stars the better the college and the closer you will be to starter. Doing the practices will net you XP and coach trust which can boost you to first string. Try to get the touchdowns because they are worth a lot of points, turnovers on defense. So you know the XP will max at when you are trying to move up a string so anything after is useless, if you are already first string then the XP can go over You have multiple goals throughout your career and season that can net you easy XP.

In order to find out what ones you have done and how close you are to completing other ones check the legend score. You can do all of these but some of them are just season goals so you need to pick ones that are similar in order to get more than one done.

Though the games played on the field are certainly meaningful, the real meat and potatoes of the NCAA Football 14 Dynasty lies in recruiting. Unlike the real NFL, colleges must scout players from around the country in the hopes of finding the talent that will bring the school ever closer to the national title. The recruiting process has been completely redesigned this year, taking out some of the minutia of years past, while still allowing a comprehensive and in-depth process.

You can only target 35 prospects at a given time, but you will be able to add and remove prospects at will as the season progresses. The general list provides the best way to find high school or junior college players already interested in attending your university, regardless of how highly touted they are as a prospect.

For at least this initial salvo, you should address positions where your team lacks depth. Scouting can reveal if a player is overrated, underrated, or justly rated, and just in this first week, you can get an idea of a handful of players that will be worth the time to recruit, or if you need to find more candidates.

While you could only scout players during the pre-season recruiting drive, you will have a few more options at your disposal during the regular season. Offering a scholarship is a good way to show the prospect how much you want them to be a part of your program.

You can offer scholarships to as many different prospects as you want, but keep in mind that when it comes to signing day, every school only has 25 scholarships to give away.

Every recruit has an interest meter on the Visit tab. There, you can see a measurement of how eager he is to attend a visit, while also getting a glimpse at the other colleges that have invited him out.

However, the risk is if you schedule too late, he may commit to another university before he even steps on the plane to see what you have to offer. Finally, once the season begins, you can add up to bonus points of general recruiting effort to a prospect.

All prospects will have some sort of bonuses attributed to their interest in the college, its proximity to home, the promise of playing time, and various other factors. These bonus points are free, but can vary greatly during the course of a season. If you add extra points to the recruiting effort, those points stay constant, and can make a big difference in attracting a player. The key is following your progress in luring the prospect to your school compared to others, which you can view on the Prospect Overview tab.

These interests will fluctuate during the season, so if there are certain players you hold in high regard, make sure to check their overview every week to keep your college at the top of their lists. Complimentary visits will add a small bonus for each player that will work in tandem with another.

The pipeline states themselves are the states that your school favors. It's always easier to recruit a prospect from a pipeline state than any other state, all else being equal. To search for a prospect, click the Search button.

Here, you can set a dozen filters to display players with a specific set of criteria. As you view the results, you can highlight each player listed in turn and press A on the Xbox or X on the PlayStation 3 to set them as targets and add them to your recruiting board. You can't do anything more for your recruiting board in the pre-season; set your redshirts and your depth charts, then head into the season proper. The overall structure of getting a recruit is pretty simple.

Similar to Road to Glory but in reverse, all prospects have a hidden number of points they need to gain interest to sign with a given school. After enough points, they will sign a scholarship with the first school to hit that magic number. During the regular season, you get 10 hours of recruiting time per week. You spend that time, like points, for every action you take to get a prospect typically divided into chunks of 10 minutes.

Still on this screen, the column marked "Importance" shows the main trick behind recruiting. Each prospect has his own priority about what he wants in a college. Some prospects may care about turning pro, and it would be VERY important for them for your school to have high Pro Potential; other prospects may not care at all and just want to know about your Fan Base.

Prospects who have tastes that gel with your school will make recruiting easy; going the other way will make it difficult or impossible.

When it's time to call a prospect, merely hit the confirm button when highlighting them on the target board. This initiates a phone call, and your first step is to set how many topics you will want to discuss, up to six.