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The Warriors lost the game when the Nuggets went small and Bogut couldn't step outside the paint giving wide open shots after pick and rolls. The Nuggets fell one game short of making the NBA playoffs last season. Comments Off on Busy upcoming week starts the countdown to end of campaign. Comments Off on Eaglcrest hires in house; Robby Gabrielli to head girls basketball. Denver keeps surprising me. NFL Game Pass

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How do you not go to him? Absolutely horrible decision, dude threw up an airball with almost no contest of his shot. If i was Dwade or Butler, id be pissed. You don't go to him because he'd be guarded to the balls. They used him as a decoy and got a wide open shot. Can't ask for more than that. Thats why you draw up a play to confuse the defense. Denver knew Butler was gonna shoot the three the previous possession Canaan is a good shooter man sometimes you've gotta trust your team.

Like the Spanish Inquisition, you never expect it. The element of surprise can sometimes be helpful. Dwade from 3, Butler from 3. I blame Rondo earlier in the stretch for not being able to close it out. He had two possessions in a row with like 2 minutes left, one a stupid turnover and the next a bad midrange jumper. Give the ball to Wade or Butler man, they're the closers. One of the most underrated players in the league. Was really impressed with his play last year in New York.

His defense has always been his strength. That was always my favorite aspect of him when he was in Portland. Well, that and mascot-attacking. Solid play call to end the game given Hoiberg's struggles with ATO.

Just don't know if Canaan is the guy you want to bet on in that scenario. GG Nuggets, that 2nd quarter was garbage on our part. He is completely, objectively outperforming PG this season. And if Kawhi is better than Butler and I think he is it's not by much. Granted I am totally bogged down in reputation and limited viewings, but isn't Leonard the superior Defender?

Like quite a bit better since Butler took more of a scoring role few years ago? Jimmy has really stepped up the defensive intensity again this year, let's see if he keeps it going. Lol, he and Kawhi are basically at the same averages right now, and Butler is just expected to carry more of the offensive load. I always chalk this up as a loss when I see this game on our schedule. We can never beat Denver in an away game. Because of the altitude it's like the second game of a back to back on the road.

Worst of all was an obvious charge. I was at the game and all the nuggets fans around me were talking that they got away with a big one.

The niko 3 was a foul through and through consistently called. The jimmy was questionable. But in the last 2 minutes you had 3 straight go in favor of the nuggets. Jimmys drive no call. Jimmy gets bowled over no call. The second one actually that was called a foul on an all ball block.

Then you had the one where they called a foul on jimmy when the nuggets player ran him over and kicked the ball out of bounds. Another 4 point swing. Lopez' block was in no fucking way clean. He clipped mudiay's head before he even got close to the ball. It was clear as day. And Mirotic jumped three feet out of his way to create contact. That is not a foul on Jauncho. He didn't create the contact, Mirotic definitely did. No way to argue that. Yeah I saw the replays three feet from my sixty inch screen.

Mirotic jumped way over into Hernangomez and Lopez crossed mudiays arms before he actually got the ball. Then Slammed the ball, which should be a Technical foul no matter what. Refs swallowed their whistle on a mid-court charge late. Could have changed the outcome. Oh well, theres some kind of voodoo on the Bulls in Denver. It's not voodoo, it's the altitude. Member when that Murray kif couldn't get a bucket to save his life his first few games? God I'm happy for him. Still, I wonder if Jokic would be putting up similar numbers if he were the lone starting C instead of Jokic.

I think eg always maintained that Nurkic was his favorite, but since he was hurt last year he couldn't hype him up as much. Jimmy could play the four now that he's a better shot. I'm not saying we have to play small for long stretches maybe a few minutes. And the best part? You can opt out at any time. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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