Qatar U19 vs Vietnam U19 on 2018/09/17

HRW argues that millions of workers are in jeopardy, including those in the other Gulf Cooperation Council GCC countries — Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — because statutory work breaks imposed during summer midday hours do not protect them sufficiently. David Silva, down at the right flank, cuts back to the middle with the ball, shoots but finds the back of a Iranian defender. Infantino has been criticised after saying the tournament, rather than the finals as originally planned, could see 16 teams added. De Bruyne has no release clause, not for sale 3d Jonathan Smith.

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Qatar attempt to bring Blatter onside. Spain was bidding with Portugal for the event, and it was alleged during the campaign that they had formed a vote-trading alliance with Qatar. This gave them the exclusive rights among the bidding nations for the World Cup to present to delegates.

The bid did not give details of their final budget for , but said a high level of spending was justified by the need to promote the emirate against more established football nations. The African confederation carried four votes — an important bedrock of support. Qatar had strong links through its Aspire Academy for Sporting Excellence, a government-backed project that runs football development schemes in 10 African nations and in Asia, as well as an academy in Doha.

Lawyers for the bid said last night that this had never been considered: The Qatar bid also forged strong links with Spain. Senior officials from the Qatar bid, including chief executive Hassan Al-Thawadi, formerly legal director of the Qatar Investment Authority, planned a three-day visit to Real Madrid in October The itinerary shows that the day before Real played AC Milan in the Champions League, the delegation intended to meet senior officials from the Spanish club and consultants with links to the Spanish federation.

Sources familiar with the bid process said that possible Qatari investment in Madrid was to be discussed at these meetings. The connections with Spain were reinforced by the extensive links between Qatar and the new Barcelona leadership. International Trade Union Confederation , the world's largest trade union federation claimed in a report that at least 4, migrant workers would lose their lives much before the commencement of the World Cup.

If this report holds slightest of truth, it is terrible. People are losing their lives for our entertainment. It will cause significant interruptions in all the major soccer leagues around the world. It will be a major inconvenience for both players and the fans. Players will need rehabilitation time after the winter World Cup, unlike the summer World Cups, where they get rest during pre-season tours.

Due to Christmas and other holidays, winters are usually busiest and mass air travel in this period will only increase the problem. Qatar is massively against the LGBT community as if it is a crime to be a gay or a transgender in public.

It's against the law in Qatar to have alcohol in public. There are only a few restaurants able to sell it currently, and it's pretty costly if you decide to buy it. Complete football fixtures for every league and expensive archive including game statistics and information from seasons past are also on display on Footballscores Live 2 Today Upcoming 34 Today Results 0. Indonesia Indonesia Liga 1. England England Premier League. Italy Italy Serie B. Honduras Honduras Liga Nacional - Apertura. Peru Peru Primera Division - Clausura.

Bolivia Bolivia Primera Division - Clausura.