Rules for 301 Darts

I built the app in as it is the lowest version in the office. Drive'em In 3-Man Scoresheet. Bulls or any dart that scores 50 points are now counted thru the entire game unlike seasons past where they were kept only in the first three rounds. I am pretty sure I can accomplish this task. DARTBOARD.IO

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Strategy is important in cricket because you need to make wise decisions on which numbers to go after. You only score points by landing a dart on a number you have closed out and your opponent has not.

If you close all your numbers but are behind in points, you throw on non-closed numbers until your score beats your opponent or until they close out all their numbers and beat you with their higher score. In a game of , your score starts at this high number and each throw is deducted from that. The winner is the first one to reach exactly zero. A game of darts is usually played by two players facing off is a faster variation of the game.

If you decide to play with competing teams, the starting score is increased to or Electronic sets will score for you. With a traditional set, you score with chalk on the scoreboard by hand. On subsequent turns, subtract your throw from your declining subtotal. The inner thing ring is the triple ring. If you land on a double or triple ring space, you multiple that outer number by 2 or 3. Thus, the highest score you can get in a three dart turn is if you can land three darts on the triple ring of the 20 segment.

The inner bulls-eye is worth 50 point and the outer bulls-eye ring is worth Scan a picture of your boss or ex and take out your frustrations by throwing darts at their likeness. You must battle your way through six of the best dart players in damnation.

Challenge your unworldly foes to any one of seven different games. Play up to four different human or computer opponents. It tracks player's shots, stats, and provides a printout if desired of those stats. It provides team scores, knows if a bust occurs, and states which team has won the game. It also dynamicly shows the suggested three, two or single dart outs. For those of you who are avid dart throwers.

This is a game of for one or two players. Uniforms should be worn specifically during play. No Uniform, No Play Policy.

Team uniforms are defined to have the same color and look, and should bear the identifiable team logo or name, and the name of the player. The name of the player needs to be attached on the uniform, either printed or attached through a name plate or tape.

Federation Dart Leagues www. The official forfeit time is 8: Remember, it is in the best interest of both teams to arrive in time to warm up before the match. Both Team Captains of opposing teams may agree to start their match before 8: The official time shall be dictated by an official clock provided by the venue. For Division A Teams - Only one 1 of the following is allowed in a playing line-up at any given time: Additions in Team Line-ups Additions to the team line-up will only be allowed up to the first half of the elimination round only if the team still has open slots in its line-up maximum of eight 8 slots.

The submitted additional player will not be allowed to play unless approved by the Technical Committee through secret balloting. Changes in Team Line-ups Changes in the team line-ups will only be allowed up to the first half of the elimination round only if the player to be changed has not yet played in any game. Team Classification Team Captains approved the team classification into three 3 Divisions: In the team games the 4th slot of the 3 player team will skip the turn.

In the doubles events the team with a single player cannot play the doubles and an automatic loss. The Technical Committee will enforce all rules and regulations, and will hear disputes between teams and complaints against individual members. It has the power to adjudicate and render final decisions on league disputes and complaints and to impose and remove penalties.

League Statistician The League Statistician will set the schedule of matches, tabulate the results and highlights and is the league contact person for updates and any questions. Schedule will be finalized before the start of the league. Herein is an examples of the Championship Format. Eliminations —Round Robin b. Top 2 Teams — Automatic Semi-Finals c. Quarter Finals — 3rd place team vs 6th place team; 4th placer vs 5th placer d. Each game is equivalent to one 1 point or one 1 win.

All games are best of one. Games are as follows: Open Line-up min of 4 and max of 8 players Game 2: Doubles Game 3: Doubles Game 4: Singles Game 5: Singles Game 6: Doubles Game 9: Singles Game Doubles Game Open Line-Up min of 4 and max of 8 players First half is Games 1 to 6 and the second half is Games 7 to Player replacement starts in game 7, if any.

Doubles Game 5: Doubles Game 6: Doubles Game 8: Open Line-Up min of 4 and max of 8 players First half is Games 1 to 5 and the second half is Games 6 to 9. Player replacement starts in game 6, if any. All highlights will be posted in the Weekly Results Sheet and will be used as the basis for the Special Awards.

Submission of Score Sheets Both teams must accomplish their own score sheet. Only highlights appearing on both score sheets will be included in the tabulation of highlights.