Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

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Should i play poker online? Jones is widely considered the top pound-for-pound fighter in the sport and potentially one of the best mixed martial artists of all-time. Jones fired off a kick to the body right out of the gate and attempted an axe kick, while Cormier was predictably trying to close the distance. Cormier attempted a kick to the body, but Jones caught the kick and was able to trip Cormier right to the mat. Cormier bounced right back to his feet.

Jones attempted another takedown, but Cormier sprawled and showed off his takedown defense. Cormier was able to stay within close range of Jones to counter the reach advantage.

Cormier worked some dirty boxing, but ate a knee to the body. Cormier landed a right hand on the separation. Jones responded with a slick knee to the body. Cormier was working the jab — which was bizarre for having a shorter reach — but he was finding a home.

Jones, meanwhile, ripped a heavy shot to the gut. The intensity and excitement of the first round was everything that was expected. Cormier was just having a difficult time landing a significant strike from within range. Cormier landed a heavy uppercut from the clinch and the two man separated. Jones ended the round with a flying knee attempt, before a wild flurry to end the round.

Jones fired off some heavy kicks again to start the second frame. Cormier attempted a takedown after catching a kick from the champion, but Jones started to look for a standing guillotine. Cormier escaped the submission, but ended up with his back to the cage.

Cormier attempted a guillotine choke of his own, before Jones escaped. Cormier started to open up with his hands and was landing some strong strikes within range.

Cormier was keeping the pressure on Jones and finding success in the clinch. Cormier was really doing well in the clinch and picking up steam. Jones, meanwhile, was keeping his head down and swinging. The two men exchanged kicks to start the third frame, before Cormier started to land some more heavy strikes inside of the clinch.

Cormier was keeping to his promise and staying right in front of Jones to push the pace. The action halted after an eye poke from Jones. Once the fight restarted, we got to witness wrestling in MMA at its highest level as both men exchanged some beautiful takedown attempts and defenses. Jones backed Cormier to the fence and was working some knees and elbows, but Cormier got the underhook and turned away.

Jones landed a kick to the body, but Cormier responded with a heavy combination that sent Jones retreating to the cage. Jones tried to pull guard at the end of the round, but ended up on his back with Jones raining down some ground-and-pound.

Jones landed a big head kick early in the fourth, but Cormier continued to push the pace. Jones put Cormier against the cage, before putting Cormier on his back. Cormier was able to bounce right back to his feet, but Jones landed another takedown. Jones started working for a choke, but Cormier escaped and got back to his feet.