Mastering Backhand Topspin and Blocking Topspin Loop

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“System for Finding All Tennis Grips”

Returning a backhand powerfully and well is all about it feeling right in the moment. The racket needs to feel comfortable in hand. The weight and its distribution must be suited to the strength of the player to get the best out of the racket. Incorporating top spin or slices to some backhand shots is also important to surprise the opponent, keeping them on their toes, quite literally, making it harder to reach the ball in time.

An effective backhand can be equally as good as a smash from a forehand shot. In many ways, the best backhand in tennis has a greater variety than a forehand shot which comes into play with experienced players who know how to mix it up to create surprises. One-handed or Two-handed The first step is the grip. Relaxation is Key Some players grip their tennis racket like their life depends on it.

Top Spin Depending on the angle of the racket and the speed it is brought down, topspin may be added to deliver extra forward bounce to the ball. Slicing for Extra Points The process of slicing a backhand shot creates a new difficulty for the opponent. Just ask Stan Wawrinka and Novak Djokovic.

Wawrinka beat the No. Aspiring tennis players who watched these two play know how high their skill level is. Watching their play on the court can definitely help young athletes learn about proper form and footwork. For example, after hitting any shot, whether at net or the service line, the next step should always be getting on your toes and preparing to split step to go and set up for the next shot. When you are positioning yourself, make sure to have a little more space between you and the ball than with a two-handed backhand.

The key is to make sure that you are hitting the ball out in front. Having more space will allow for you to come through the ball better, as you should be stepping and pushing off your front foot. The Medicine Ball Workout: If your racquet is anywhere near waist level when you bring it back, it is too high.

Drive the ball in an upward motion and follow through on your shot. Of course your feet must be planted on the court and your motion is forward.. Related Questions How do I hit a better one-handed backhand? Do you hit your backhand with 2 hands or 1 hand? How to hit a one handed backhand? Why do some people hit their backhand with just one hand?

Do I need to switch right hand grip when hitting two handed backhand? So the WTA have supported Serena Williams in her statement that she was after 'womens' rights' - equality. So what about the? Why is Serena trying to hide behind sexism and left wing politics to hide the fact she's just a bad sport?