O'Sullivan Victorious In Shanghai

Kyren has a fairly compact tip here with some nice burnished sides, not too much margin for error on the tip height. However, when the tournament reverted to a knockout formula in , he did not prosper. Not too much depth, not too much dome and a nice hard side to keep the tip stable. Latest Tournament

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O'Sullivan Retains Shanghai Masters Crown

This looks like more of a conventional tip, very close to the standard flat tip. Looking at the bottom edge of this tip of this tip, Ronnie uses the domed tip. Well Ronnie seems to have a different size cue tip and also the shape is now a little more standard and domed.

The height is certainly a lot less and there is a slight cone where the tip is larger than the ferrule but nothing to write home about. Again, this is more of a conventional flat tip. A reasonable amount of depth with very little dome on the surface. Sits nice on this cushion.

Well this is a nice big tip that is very domed. I think he did ok with it though! Not the best picture but the tip is certainly domed without any real depth underneath the surface area. I like to see a little depth before the surface shape. Nice depth and average shape, tip looks a little hard, I wonder if it is?

Looks that way to me! The tip certainly looks a lot deeper and domed. Always difficult to decide the best time to change your tip! Some players have had their cue for years and want to increase their tip size without changing their cue, this may be an example of that. Professional Tip Shape 4. Again, a nice tidy tip with burnished edges; this is a tip I would quite like myself but each to their own. Professional Tip Shape 5. It will be interesting to see how he gets on! Take a look at some of his tips from last year here.

Professional Tip Shape 7. Nicely burnished sides protect the shape of the tip and he sure plays with confidence. A nice dome shape on this one. Professional Tip Shape 8. Professional Tip Shape 9.

Well, Kyren did in fact have a couple of miss-cues with the tip off of the cushion which started to cost him. After miss-cueing he took a short break to repair the tip mid frame. Unfortunately, when Kyren returned he miss-cued again off the cushion on an important black and that was frame over. If you take a look at the tip after the miss-cue you can just about see a little damage on the left hand side of the tip. Because of the height it has left very little room for a decent repair so you can understand why he had further problems.

Another standard shape though. Standard dome shape with a decent amount of height and takes the chalk well……. Plenty of height, well burnished and it takes the chalk nicely, what more could you want? Professional Tip Shape The tip looks well worn in and just right. There's not a lot of questions about Snooker Professional 3D. Ask insistently in the comments so you can make it frequent!

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