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Be sure to read our reviews on the various betting sites to get the full list of choices. If you have any further questions after reading our reviews, feel free to contact us. We look at the different prices and markets on offer from the different bookmakers, then give our advice based on which prices are the best for your money and which teams have the best chances of winning.

We also provide tips on different markets aside from the traditional match winner, which adds to the fun and gives an extra layer of complexity to the betting game. Sometimes the prices on the specific markets are very attractive, so we make sure to let you know in our previews if that is the case.

We make sure that our betting tips pieces are detailed and comprehensive, so that you can make a more informed decision when it comes to finally putting your money down on a team. Not only do we analyse matches of the highest magnitude such as matches from the Call of Duty World League, but also games from your one-off weekend tournaments and cups to keep you on your toes.

Other than that, we also have the latest news and updates in the Call of Duty betting landscape, to keep you up to date on the current events and developments. Top CoD Betting Sites of Call of Duty Betting Tips.

Thursday 14th July — Global Pro League: This week, it's group yellow's turn to fight for a Read More. Thursday 1st September — Call of Duty Championship: Call of Duty Betting Our team of CoD eSports experts are here to share their thoughts on any upcoming Call of Duty matches and where to place your money when it comes to betting on CoD games. Well, that may be the case, but when it comes to betting on Call of Duty, the reality is more about how they create their strategy and use it to analyse the odds before betting.

While luck does have a role to play in whether you win big bucks by betting on a tournament or match, a good strategy could be your way of making your own luck and getting closer to a win.

So how do you form a strategy? Well, the first thing you need to do is learn everything possible about the game. This understanding will help you create a framework of what is and what is not possible so that you can eventually start compiling odds that will help you place bets.

But learning about the game itself is just the first step. The next step requires you to watch videos of successful matches, read news on forums and have discussions with other players about the game.

This information is invaluable in terms of how much more scope it gives you. It will allow you to keep ahead of other players by using important knowledge to make key betting decisions. Take a look at the kinds of eSports betting odds being offered and be sure to take note of the ratios, the minimum and maximum bets and any other pertinent factors.

These will help you make important decisions about where your money will go. If you follow the way the players live, you will pick up on small things that happen in their lives which could affect their performance. A player who has lost a family member for example, will more than likely play badly, and if they happen to have the flu, betting against them could be a good idea. Remember that the game is one that is very fast in pace and that means having to make snap decisions. A player who is tired, ill or unhappy will struggle to make smart decisions in the nick of time.

It is a lightning-fast game with a theme and characters that are realistic and that make for an interesting experience. You may find it a little time-consuming in the beginning, but once you start to understand all of the intricacies of the game, you will love what you find. Overall, this is a game unlike the others available for eSports betting and it is gaining a bigger and bigger fan base with each passing day. For further resources check out the Call of Duty website, also head over to the Call of Duty Wikipedia page.

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