NFL MVP Odds and Predictions

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Take a look at this spreadsheet. Using the five statistics from above, there have been seven seasons by quarterbacks with at least the numbers Tom Brady produced last year. Yet, Brady won the MVP in a landslide.

It is going to be much tougher for a running back to match what Gurley did last season than what Brady did, and nevertheless, the best quarterback would still likely win MVP. The MVP is definitely a team award to some degree. Eight of the last 11 MVPs have been awarded to the quarterback with the most wins. That has equated to There are only five to 10 teams that have a legitimate chance to have the best regular season record or win 13 games, and we have to focus on those teams.

The last important research note is touchdowns are valued more than yards in MVP voting. Since , the MVP has ranked 2.

Furthermore, nine of the last 10 MVPs finished top three in passing touchdowns. There is value to be found in the mid-tiered MVP candidates. Besides wins, passing touchdowns are the most important statistic for predicting MVPs. As mentioned above, nine of the last 10 MVPs finished top three in passing touchdowns the year they won. This chart shows the difference between the implied probability to lead the league in passing touchdowns and the implied probability to win MVP. While not as important as Vegas win totals or passing touchdown leader odds, passing yards leader odds are still a valuable tool.

To be abundantly clear, this is not ranking of the most likely winners. Instead, these are three players with a higher probability of winning than the Vegas odds are implying.

Brees has thrown for at least 4, yards in six of the last seven seasons. More importantly, the Saints are a major threat for double-digit wins, which has been a requirement for MVP winners. As Evan Silva points out in his Saints preview , Brees is a candidate for positive touchdown regression. But this statistic is not representative of the quality of his play last year. With Ingram out, the Saints are now more likely to pass near the goal line.

It also means there are more opportunities for Alvin Kamara to have the ball in his hand. The Packers are one of a handful of teams that have a chance to finish with the best record in the NFL.

Rodgers also has the best odds to lead the NFL in passing touchdowns according to current Vegas odds.