Madden NFL 18 Defense Guide – How to Stop the Run, Best Defense, Tips

This is very important. If you manage to do this, you will have a well-balanced team for every situation. This all depends on your playstyle so pick anyone you would like to choose. Players are like a commodity in the Auction House, and their entire point is to make your team better while making you money. We recommend you skip as little as possible and play all matches yourself to maximize the chances of you winning. Trailers and gameplay

Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide

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Now, if you are totally being owned on the field by hard drag routes, what you can do is, you can shade underneath and counter the drag routes. When you play underneath, you will easily counter all the drag routes and they will be useless for the offense.

Put some hard flats on the field and see as they make the drag routes useless for the offense. This is very important. You must always use custom formations in defense.

Stock formations are not very effective in diverse situations so you must use custom formations by keeping many situations in mind. For this, you will need to practice a bit with custom formations. Try out different formations by randomly changing positions and build your custom formation, which really suits your game style and is effective against most of the offense styles.

It will also make you more comfortable with the players that you sent on the field. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below! Arcade, Simulation, and Competitive.

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Available on the Xbox games store and on xbox. Titles require acceptance of product end user license agreement EULA to play. Internet connection, EA account and acceptance of EA privacy and cookie policy and user agreement required to access online features. This gives your offensive line a good defensive position behind them. For the fourth player, you need another defensive player.

Draft either a good cornerback or a middle linebacker. Both the defensive players behind the offense are now drafted. Moving on to the fifth player, you must go back to offensive and pick a good offensive player. If you chose a quarterback before then go for a running back this time or choose a quarterback if you chose a running back before.

Draft your fifth player. For the sixth player, go offensive and pick a tight end or a wide receiver for the position. Your next draft is going to be a tight end or a wide receiver depending on your playstyle. After this draft, go defensive and select cornerback or linebacker to fill the gap between your defense.

After his, keep on drafting players by using alternates to the ones you have already chosen and follow the same pattern until you are done with drafting all the players in your team. Fill them with the best possible players. We recommend that your final team must have at least 4 wide receivers, 4 cornerbacks and at least 2 players at each linebacker position. If you manage to do this, you will have a well-balanced team for every situation.

As you open new packs, you will get better players so keep on changing the weak players with better players. This will help you draft the ultimate draft team. This section of the guide covers some tips and guidelines for the gameplay and the Franchise Mode in general:.