Brand New Betting Sites 2018 – The Overview of UK Bookmakers

The huge amount of choice in betting bonuses on offer can seem a bit bewildering, especially if you are a new player. But if such a system exists why are online casinos and sports betting sites still in business? What You Need To Know. Royal Panda Total Rating: MansionBet Mini Review

Why Gamble Online?

Tradition and Trust

This is a bet which is placed on a single event. This is the simplest form of betting and many players who like to place bigger bets with a smaller risk use it on a daily basis. The next form of betting is the Parlay Betting. In this form of bets you are betting on several connected events. Guessing the right ones can bring in massive winnings, but they are also the hardest bets to guess. With online casinos the most popular form of betting is Live Betting.

This includes placing a bet while the event is still active in order to predict the outcome. These bets can be very profitable, especially if the result changes in your favour.

Everything about sports betting has to do with odds and payouts. In the UK betting sites offer odds in a decimal or a fraction system. Some sites offer both so you can calculate your odds in the way you like the most. The odds are You just need to multiply your bet with the odd and you will get your total winnings.

Lately more sites are turning to decimal odds since they are easier to understand, while fractional odds are still dominant mostly on horse races. As a newbie bettor the most important thing to know when it comes to odds and payouts is that the higher the odds are the less chance there is for that event to happen.

For example if the odd on some event is Still the payouts for these odds are the highest, while events with the smallest odds yield the smallest payouts. When visiting one of the of the top new betting sites, what exactly should you look for? New sports betting sites UK should be both visually appealing and easy to use. It gives players better options and enables them to place a bet at any time. Being confined to just desktop computers is now a thing of the past. The new betting websites ensure they have this option and a good site will provide you with its own software for fast, easy access.

Innovative use of technology is a given in our tech age, bringing you events from around the world as they are happening, and allowing in-play betting. The other big attraction of online UK betting websites is the range of bonuses, sign-up bonuses, welcome bonuses and loyalty bonuses, all designed to be attractive and give you that extra money to play with. Technology continues to amaze, providing new and exciting ways to enjoy the things we love.

The UK bet sites are continuing to develop and meet the increasing demands of their customers. One clear trend is the expectation that both old and new bookmakers UK, offer mobile sites. Expect to see more apps for your smartphones and mobile devices, to make betting on your favourite games far more straightforward.

The race is on as betting sites compete to bring their customers the very best mobile gaming experience. Virtual Reality is also not science fiction anymore. We will soon be able to put on the goggles and be a virtual presence at the games we are betting on, cheering on our favourite horse or team, making in-play bets that bit more exciting. As the trends in social media gains momentum, online betting sites are finding their social presence on them, so look to earn free bets from following them on Facebook or retweeting your favourite sites.

At most sports betting sites UK players can choose among a variety of sports to bet on. You can place bets on matches ranging from football, basketball, handball, horse racing, tennis and pretty much any other sport you can think of.

When we talk about a betting market we are referring to the type of bet you can make. The options for betting markets are almost limitless. For example on only one football game you can bet who will be the winner or loser, if the game will end in a draw, how many goals will be scored overall, how many goals will one team score, how many red or yellow cards will be awarded. You can bet on absolutely any aspect of the game.

Combine this with all the matches in all the leagues and sports on the sports betting sites and you will see that the betting market is enormous. Still for UK players the most popular online sports betting markets are in football matches.

The Premier League has the most sports bets from betting fans, followed by other football leagues, then horse racing and tennis. It is an exciting time to be looking at online betting sites, as the competition between them means that new and exciting offers are appearing every day.

Traditionally, online players signing up to a site will receive a welcome bonus. To further enhance their chances of gaining some early sign ups, the new sportsbook should be looking to offer a generous welcome bonus and this is an area where they can definitely compete against the big boys.

Two relatively new operators have taken advantage of that: In fact, those two bookies should be a great example to the really new boys: Start with a great welcome deal and you can win a good batch of early punters. Staying Put Once a customer sets up an account, there are several key factors that will make them stay. Firstly, the bookmaker has to offer them a wide range of markets. OK so everyone quotes for football but do they cover all the matches from around the world and are there enough side markets to keep the player interested?

For a major football match, the established bookies could be quoting more than side bets so it must be important for them to go into such detail. The same applies for other sports and it helps to cover some niche events such as pool, snooker and maybe even chess while some politics and entertainments markets are also useful.

Growth areas such as eSports also need to be covered to meet demand for one of the fastest moving sectors of the industry. Secondly, the odds must be competitive. Customers want value in all areas of their consumer life and when it comes to betting, that means strong prices in all markets. One of the disadvantages for new bookmakers is their absence from the main comparison site Oddschecker.

There are exceptions such as Sun Bets and Sport Pesa but in general, in order to check out the new betting sites, the bettor would have to log on and try each one individually but few will have the time or the patience to do so.

Ongoing promotions are also important for those looking to back up their welcome offer with some more value. Look at the likes of William Hill, Coral and sport and you may well find up to ten promos going off on any particular day of the year. This is an area where the new boys do struggle to compete as many have just one or two regular deals.

Into The Unknown The big disadvantage for a brand new bookmaker is their low reputation as they come into the market. It can take some time to build that up but it will develop as customers test them out and hopefully leave positive reviews about their experience.

Established in , the company quickly established their brand and in less than ten years they have set up a big TV advertising campaign while a log term sponsorship deal with English Premier League side West Ham has also attracted a wider audience. They now feature on the most popular odds comparison site while their list of markets and competitive odds sees high customer retention among its account holders.

It certainly is a hugely competitive world but for those who have established a sportsbook in the last two years or will be looking to do so in the near future, there is plenty that can be done in order to make their voices heard. Some of us are just bonus hunters, looking for a quick opening deal before moving on, while others are happy to hang around for the long term.

It takes time for a bookmaker to get up on these sites so we suggest just checking a few prices yourself and a good barometer for any bookie can be found in the football result markets.

If you are the type of punter that likes to get involved with side betting then you can also go deeper and check to see how many additional markets are being quoted for the event in question. That value can extend to ongoing offers such as acca boosts and free bet clubs.

Customers should be rewarded for regular play and a bookmaker will be more attractive if a number of established promotions are available.