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Long-term team success or failure usually rides on the defense. Utilize the catch button for instance, "Y" on the to complete the "User Catch". Win the game between Missouri and Iowa State to unlock the Telephone trophy. Off Season Recruiting Tips

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Another writer said that if you're 1 on a guy's list, don't call him. This is not good advice. Imagine if you were a recruit. You are being recruited by many teams, and you've rated Florida your top school. All of a sudden Florida doesn't call you that week, but they call another player at your position.

It's going to affect your interest, maybe make you think Florida isn't as interested as they made it seem. Like I said, recruits have brains. When you talk to them about topics, put yourself in the coaches shoes.

Take a good look at the factors. Where is he from? What position does he play and do you need him? Does he fit your "mold" for your system? What are his skills ratings? All of these things play a part. His interests also coincide. A player looking to play in a big conference is also going to want TV exposure. A guy interested in coach prestige will also want a program with tradition.

When you find a pitch a recruit is interested in, think what may be related to it. When it's time to call recruits, look into a few things. First, look at the other schools he's considering.

Even if your school is great in athletic facilities, if you're competing against Michigan, your facilities though great don't stand a chance, and the recruit knows that. Stay with where you're strong, both on your own and against other schools. My brother landed a 5-star MLB with ULL by concentrating on something else none of the other schools chasing him could offer - early playing time.

Coupled with his "good" television exposure, these two pitches and a promise of playing early sealed the deal. Also, use the pitches with Most and Very High importance when you find them.

You can use these to change a recruits mood from bad to good, or just to reasure him of something. Hard selling these pitches works, and will increase interest.

Try to sway pitches only when the recruit it happy. Sometime the sway may fail, but if it doesn't lock you'll have a chance to sway again the next week. Don't sway any pitch that is high. It won't go any higher. Mood will usually go down when you try to sway a High interest pitch, and sometimes may decrease interest in the pitch.

Which brings me to promises. Use them, but don't abuse them. You may get greedy, and make promises to a player you have little chance of fulfilling. This is going to hurt you more than not getting the player. Trophy - Rank first in college football Big East Champ. Chad and Protoman on Sep 16, Verify this cheat Report a problem with this cheat.

By playing in specific games, you can unlock the trophies below. Teams appear to only have to play one another, and not necessarily appear as the home or away team. The trophies are bolded on the left while the teams that must play in order to unlock the trophy in question are on the right in regular text. To use injured players while in Dynasty Mode, simply start the game as normal and play through the first kickoff, pausing the game and restarting thereafter. Sign up for free! Off Season Recruiting Tips.

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