NBA 2K14 Tips for Creating your My Player

Derrick Rose 92 Team: This dunk package allows your MyPlayer to jump over defenders and do unique dunks, no matter what the stats are of the player. Also I will be posting videos, and more guides over time so if you want to know when those get posted feel free to follow me on Twitter Johnrr The opponent team will not bother you in any way! Navigation menu

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10. Play To Your Team's Strengths

You are going to want to show off as best as you can. This does not mean to be a ball hog, but to make sure that you get your letter grade up, and to have the best stats possible. IF you have an open shot take it, if someone is open then give them the ball.

As a point guard if I cannot get an open shot, I will typically hold the ball until the shot clock gets low then pass in order to force a teammate to shoot the ball. My main goal each game is to get at least a double-double if not a triple-double.

As I said above you are looking for a good grade when playing, and a key to this is based on your player. You essentially want a good grade, and you want to hold good stats.

I would say at minimum you should focus on getting a letter grade of a B and have at least 10 points in your rookie showcase. This will give you the best opportunity to succeed and get drafted into the NBA. This is pretty simple. You should focus on upgrading the stats that are essential to your play style first. Then after you have those stats high enough, and are making a decent amount of coin each game, THEN you can focus on the other stats.

If you are a point guard, then wait to focus on dunking until after your shooting, passing, and ball handling stats are high enough. If you are a center, than focus on the opposite. Overall make choices that make sense, because wasting points to bring your overall score up, can hurt you when you are in the NBA games, or playing online. Having high statistics in the important areas will make your life significantly easier over time.

Overall have fun with this game. It is a lot of fun to play, and over time you will get the hang of the game. Just don't stress to much on trying to get a triple double early on or you might get discouraged.

As your player gets better you will see a significantly higher chance at being successful in the long run. If you enjoyed this guide don't forget to follow on twitter Johnrr and to comment below to let me know how you set up your player, and tips you may have for other readers.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. My athletic pg 6'7 can dunk. Maybe you need to purchase or equip some of the dunk style on your player.

Find the page where you choose his release, at the bottom are the dunk packages, this is how you get your player to be able to dunk after you get his dunk up, but he was unable to dunk at the beginning. Hey in 2k12 and 2k13 I just scored like 40 some points in the rookie showcase, got like 5 or 6 steals, was an all around point guard, 1 or 2 assists and 2 or 4 rebounds, I still got drafted in top 15, 2k13 I actually went top I don't know how but I always create amazing my players off bat.

The first guy I created was a 7'2 lb defensive center. He averaged 29 pts , almost 10 reb, and 4 blocks i his rookie season with only average attributes. Now in his second year he is dominating the league with 55 pts, 16 reb, ast. I have a rookie 6'6 athletic pg who averages 54 pts, 6 reb, 5 ast , 4 stls, and 3 blks with the default attributtes. Finally I have a 6'9 lbs all around sf who averages 39 pts almost 10 reb, 7 ast, 1 stl, and 2 blks, with average stats. Anyone wanting to dunk I think you need to make an athletic type player I made a 3pt specialist and maxed his dunk and he would never dunk so I tried athletic and even with a 6' pg with 50 dunk he still dunks any time I want.

My PC always deletes my Jeff Stroble player. I'm 5'7" in real life and on the game and need help! Y'all need to by the skill either posterizer or highlight film. I have p osterizer and my 6' 9" sf dunks on people all the time. I just picked up 2k14 and when creating my player career it directs you to push R1 and L1 to change attributes like height and weight and it wont go to that screen. My L and R buttons work cuz I just checked them during game and on another game.

Am I doing something wrong? Also equipping posterizer really help, your dunk tendency is probably really low so you will have to do a fast break jam or post spin dunks till it raises on its own mine started out at 10 nows its up to 95 I also added posterizer it helped a lot.

My player is 6'9. Should be able to dunk at 90 pts. All my attributes above My guy is a 3 point specialist hes keeps missing excellent shots what do i do. I am having issues with sinking as well. I have a 6'7 point guard and his dunking is maxed out and I have 3 different dunk packages and he still can't dunk. I got my center whos 6 10 and wont dunk he layes it up every time and he jumps higher than the rim his vertical is maxed out at 60 and both standing and running dunks are 75 i used the coins to raise them 10 for a game and he still wont dunk that woukd make it about Not even earley in games wide open or anything i don't want to keeo wasting sp on dunks if he wont dunk any pointers???

Marshall you must change your dunk package, go to edit player and were you created your players shot scroll down to dunk packages. I have a 6'3" point guard with max dunk i have already maxed out most of my other important stats for a point guard but I cannot for the life of me get him to dunk. All he does is layups and its started to irritate me.

If your dunk will only go to 85 that may because of the position, size, height, and weight may limit his ability to go past Thanks Jeff and glad it helped..

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For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Intro In this guide I will talk to you guys about ways to create the best My Player possible. Creating the Looks of your My Player So when you are creating the looks of your my player, feel free to do as you want. Creating your Player's Attributes This is the most important part of my entire guide because how you set up your players attributes is going to say how your player performs, and what kind of mess you may be stuck in when trying to start out on your career.

How to Play to Guarantee Drafting Another reason I suggested a point guard is because that is one of the easiest positions to guarantee yourself getting drafted into the NBA. Which Stats to Upgrade over time This is pretty simple. Summary Overall have fun with this game. What are the attributes that you upgrade to easily higher up the overall rating. Wait for the ball to be vulnerable before going for the steal, experimenting with different angles as well as straight on.

A good method is to shade the ball handler from the side the ball is on, and get steals from the side angle. For your my player, equip the Pick Pocket signature skill to increase the success rate of on-ball steals. For your my player, equip the Interceptor signature skill to increase the success rate of pass steals, lunge distance, better foot planting, and ability to catch the ball.

When trailing the ball handler, poke the ball loose from behind. Crafty players like Chris Paul have made a living getting a lot of steals this way. This tip is most effective vs the CPU. For your my player, equip the Active Hands signature skill to increase the success rate of poking the ball loose under the hoop. Versus the CPU, you could call a half court trap and wait for the ball handler to pass the ball, or you could be one of the double teamers and try to pry the ball loose. Make sure to use the trap strategically, during times when there are enough defenders back and in position to rotate to the open man.

This tip is more subtle and less known, but it makes a huge difference!