Mocking the first 10 picks of the NBA Draft

The latter accomplishment is going to be difficult to predict on a nightly basis, but the bonus for double-doubles adds a little value to well-rounded players. An all-in-one dashboard that provides all of the relevant data about today's pitching matchups. Knowing value and usage — You see all the names on the draft list? Is Oladipo a better long-term keeper than Irving and Butler? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 2017 Fantasy Basketball Strategy: Draft tips, advice

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Here's how their fantasy values, and those of their teammates, will change. LeBron's move to L. Who will be the best? As we head toward the offseason, who fills out the top 10? How high do young stars like Embiid, Mitchell and Ball rank? Who were the standouts and disappointments at NBA summer league? Our experts answer the big questions. While Miles Bridges didn't have the most efficient showing in Las Vegas, it's clear he adds a level of unpredictability to the Charlotte Hornets.

It is premature to throw the word "hope" around New York's chances to contend in , but the Knicks' future prospects have shined in Las Vegas.

It's high-reward, low-risk for Denver and a chance for Thomas to re-establish himself. Veteran guard Jeremy Lin, who played only one game last season because of a ruptured patellar tendon, has been traded by the Nets to the Hawks, league sources told ESPN. Who is the MVP? Who is the biggest bust? Who is the ROY? Our experts cast their votes and name their top breakout players for next season.

This season's rookie class is chock-full of fantasy promise, but who are the best long-term bets among the likes of Lonzo Ball, Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell? What about Markelle Fultz and Jayson Tatum? The season isn't even in the books, and our experts are already scouting ahead. Which players are likely to fly under the radar heading into the season?

In fantasy, it always helps to identify potential breakout players as soon as possible. Here are a few names who could make that leap next season.

Boogie has shown elite upside, but he has had injury issues. Jokic is still a work in progress. Did any of those apply? Improving in any of these areas is a good start to contending for the crown. But don't stop there. To really take your game to the next level, to thoroughly dominate your fantasy basketball leagues on a regular basis, I truly believe it requires a deep, balanced roster that's capable of throwing a barrage of stat-stuffing players at its opponent each week.

You'll know you have a roster like that whenever a player goes down, as so often happens in fantasy hoops, and two more are able to sufficiently fill his spot. These players may not check every box, but they check a whole lot of them, and when surrounded with specialists who can make up for their deficiencies -- like a Kyle Korver to cover the 3-point category or a Roy Hibbert to boost blocks -- that's a recipe that works and is achievable in both snake and auction drafts.

Last season, I played in two leagues -- one with the guys at ESPN and another with friends and family. In my private league, we used an auction draft and I tried something different, spending roughly three-fourths of my budget on two players: Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

It was bold, but it also wasn't very smart. Though Davis, James and Noel all played well, that strategy proved to be an uphill struggle all season. On nights when Davis or LeBron missed games or during weeks when Davis or James played only two or three games, I didn't have a chance to compete. And when Noel hit a rookie wall midway through the season, I cut him out of desperation and used his roster spot to stream players.

It ended up being a total disaster of a season. At the same time that team was flopping, my team in the ESPN league -- which used a snake draft -- couldn't be stopped. By season's end, it finished and cruised to the championship. It must be noted, too, that many of these same players happened to be on the team that won the championship in my other league. Winning in fantasy basketball requires a deep roster full of versatile players who stay on the court. That simple sentence can lead you far in this game, so it's worth reading again: This IS the season to get 3-pointers from your power forward.

Paul George qualifies at power forward, but he's not the only 4 who excels at shooting the long ball. Both players come with question marks, as neither is still the young player we still think of them as or a safe bet to stay injury-free all season long. This IS the season to draft Joakim Noah late.

Formerly a top fantasy player, Noah wasn't the same last season when the Bulls added Pau Gasol next to him in the frontcourt. And knee pain limited him to just 67 games. Though no longer elite, he's a late-round center who can rack up blocks, rebounds and assists, and at this spot he's a steal.

At this stage in his career, Dirk isn't the same scorer we've come to know through the years. And if Dirk isn't scoring, you don't want him on your roster.

The year-old averaged This IS the season to believe in Gordon Hayward. Utah's clear-cut offensive leader took another step forward in his development last season, his fifth year in the league, and the onus will be on him to be the focal point of the Jazz's offense again in This is exactly the stat-staffing type of player I referenced above.

This ISN'T the season to hold off on point guards until late in the draft. Don't talk yourself into a backcourt of Ricky Rubio and Rajon Rondo , or it will be an uphill struggle for your team all season.

If you build your roster around players like James Harden , Klay Thompson or Paul George, you have a big advantage at this position because there just aren't a lot of high-end fantasy 2-guards roaming around the league these days.

Some point guards like Curry qualify at shooting guard in some leagues, including ESPN, and that's another smart way to fill this position. This ISN'T the season to overpay for a rookie. If you do use a top pick or sizable auction dollars on a rookie, let it be on Minnesota's Karl-Anthony Towns.

His ADP is I see Denver's Emmanuel Mudiay This IS the season to stash injured stars on the injured reserve. With the IR spot becoming more standard across fantasy basketball sites this season, there's never been a better time to stash injured fantasy studs like Kyrie Irving and Brandon Jennings who a won't take up an active roster spot, and b can provide a big boost once they return to the lineup.

Be the person who takes advantage of this, and not the one wishing you had thought of that. Good luck this season.