Cheats, Tips & Secrets for NASCAR '14 on PlayStation 3

See this wiki page for info. Start and finish a race without any driving assists. Just wondering if there are setups that can help with that problem? Especially when you're out braking the computer cars, or a friend online, and coming away with wins because of it. Braking yourself can be hard to master at first, but the brake indicator helps a lot! Welcome to Reddit,

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Finally, a comprehensive guide with good info but that is straight forward and easy to understand! Well done my friend! HK Dec 29, 2: Thanks for this help. K Steinwand Sep 28, 2: Funny thing is that I look back on it and know I can do much better lol. Shame that this game just didn't pan out for the good to really put the effort in improving that guide for this game. K Steinwand I think your guide is very comprehensive and easy to understand: That is why I decided to include its link here.

K Steinwand Sep 27, 2: Thanks for the shout out! Honestly didn't expect that. SpeedyTomi Aug 9, 5: Instructor Earl May 5, Share directly to my status. Thanks, I've learned the grill tape thing as I followed some suggestions online and my car was overheating 5 laps in, I never go super high. My talladega and daytona setup always wins, but based off online setups is it necessary to have the front end so high? I run a crazy setup that averages mph but the front is 10 inches off the ground lol.

A lot of their setups are kinda exploits of the game physics like their plate track cars having max ride height in the front and minimum ride height in the rear , but they can be pretty helpful. I tried their setup and I just keep getting loose out of every turn, I think my problem might be me lol. Nah, some of their stuff is really loose. You just gotta mess with it to tighten it up until you have a car you can control!

I've mostly taken a break from these games for the iterations, but I don't think I'd be off in assuming they still use the same base setup system as all their other games. If that's the case, the number one thing you can do at Martinsville is significantly lower your brake bias. Not all the way, but experiment with it a few whole points at a time until you find your preferred sweet spot.

You will be able to carry more speed into the corners and roll through the center better, as opposed to just plowing into the wall head on. Yeah that looks like lots of fun but I spent 20 bucks on this and if I did iracing I would have to buy a new computer, my laptop screen is too small, plus the wheel plus subscription cost The pinned article will tell you how to install it for free and there's a great community updating the game with mods that are easy to install.

Tire Pressures- Lower tire pressures result in a more forgiving car, and result in higher tire temperatures. Higher pressures allow higher top speeds with less temperature buildup. Going higher than recommended can result in more speed at a high-speed track, but the loss in grip can hurt at slower tracks.

Camber- Some positive left side and negative right side camber will help the car turn left. Too much camber will reduce grip and increase tire wear.

Usually the LR should Be 1. Caster- This Will loosen you up through the entire corner. Move this higher to help you turn in the corners. Front Weight Bias- Shifting weight to the front a higher front bias can help the car turn in better, but may give more mid-corner push.

Shifting weight back can stabilize the car at turn entry, but may loosen in mid-corner. More Front Bias Tightens the chassis entering a corner under braking. Adjusting Front Bias will affect Wedge. Left Weight Bias- On an oval, use the maximum left weight allowed.

More Left Bias loosens the chassis when making left-hand turns. Adjusting Left Bias will affect Wedge. Wedge- Less wedge will loosen the car, allowing it to turn better. More wedge tightens the car, and can help in putting the power down. You normally want a High Gear Ratio Differential, for tracks 1 mile or smaller. If you are having trouble with spinning out on either of these occasions, it might be wise to lower these a little so your car isn't so squirrely on acceleration out of the pits or on restarts.

Final Gear Ratio- The final gear ratio is used to adjust all four gears together. A smaller ratio allows for higher top speeds, but produces less torque at the rear wheels, so it will take longer to reach top speed.

Transmission gear ratios- Allows each gear to be individually adjusted. A smaller ratio allows for higher top speeds, but produces less torque at the rear wheels, so it takes longer to reach top speed. Making these changes may either tighten the car up a bit, or make it even better! It really depends on how you like the car to handle. However, if you do move the final differential down a little, most of the time you end up moving 4th up a notch or 2.

When moving 4th up or down, it's also important to pay attention to the number after the slash. This number coincides with your final gear ratio. Say you are running with a final of 3. This is very important for Maximum Speed, especially at super speedways! The Lower The Splitter, the tighter you will be, but a good chance the Car will bottom out.

On Super speedways you want the Splitter in a range of 4. Grille Tape- This gives your car the extra downforce you have been looking for and will loosen the car up. See tape percentages below: