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All of the top baseball analytics people have debunked BvP, calling it the scientific equivalent of a sham. So be careful and give a thorough look through of the weather forecast for any slate that you are planning on playing in baseball. Make a note of the date, sport, contest format, field size, entry fee, and dollars won or lost. The last thing you want to do is waste your salary cap on players who will add zero points to your score and your chances to win. View all NFL Sites. DraftKings MLB Picks August 6: Who’s afraid of the Astros?

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Pitchers who can go the distance and rack up Ks get a huge boost on DraftKings. Actually, I rarely roster pitchers without high-strikeout upside. Earned runs are also important and something you obviously want to avoid, but you can do that simply by targeting pitchers who might throw a lot of innings and strike out a bunch of batters. When analyzing fantasy scoring, there are two really important factors to keep in mind: For example, strikeouts are very predictable for pitchers—the second-most consistent stat behind ground ball rate.

The same pitchers continually strike out the most batters, and that predictability is important. Compare that to pitcher wins, for example. A single win provides more fantasy points than a strikeout, but the lack of consistency with pitchers wins devalues them. If you can predict pitcher wins with only 60 percent accuracy, for example, then they hold a lot less usable value than if you knew with greater confidence which pitchers would secure wins.

Yes, a pitcher might have a blow-up game and get pulled by the third inning, but most of the time, pitchers usually throw around six innings or so. The difference in expected innings pitched is usually lower than the difference in projected strikeouts. One pitcher might go seven innings and fan only three batters, for example, while another could go six innings and sit down 12 batters. By knowing the ins and outs of fantasy scoring, you can field a lineup in the most optimal manner and acquire an immediate edge over the field.

Password Forgot your password? Get in the action! Play one-day fantasy baseball on DraftKings now! However, with Coors Field back in the fray, we may want to go cheap on pitching anyway.

The wind is blowing in from right in Arlington again at 12 mph, so watch for that. We have the customary wind out to center in San Francisco as well. We will provide you with several options to build your lineup here. Want to spend all your money on pitchers and play bargain bats? We will highlight who is worth the money. Want to punt arms and pay up for the big boppers? We can help you with that as well, and everything in between! These tips are based mostly on past performance.

This is a nice tool for building a lineup, but should not be the only pieces of information you use. We have plenty of writers on here who give you relevant information no matter which site you play on! Then continue reading for tips on how to turn those DraftKings dollars into more! Monday, August 6th by Chris Aliperto. Next 1 of 4 Prev post.